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WaPo Columnist Links 'Gag Reflex,' Interracial Marriage

Richard Cohen catching flak over latest opinion piece

(Newser) - Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is raising a lot of eyebrows today with his latest column , which is about Iowa's conservative Republicans and includes, well, this:
  • "People with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor-elect of New York—a white man married to a
... More »

Want to Talk Intelligently About Rape? 5 Rules

It's appalling how many people are incapable: Katie McDonough

(Newser) - Citing the 30-day sentence received by a teacher who raped a student, the Washington Post column arguing that teacher-student sex is sometimes OK , the sympathy extended to the Steubenville rapists, and of course, Richard Cohen's quite controversial Washington Post column about Steubenville, Katie McDonough comes to this depressing conclusion:... More »

Richard Cohen: Being Afraid of Black People Isn't Racist

Internet not happy about racial columns

(Newser) - Washington Post op-ed writer Richard Cohen sent some people searching for pitchforks today, with a column declaring that he "can understand why Zimmerman was suspicious and why he thought Martin was wearing a uniform we all recognize." And apparently that opinion was going around among op-ed writers at... More »

Callous Liberals Doomed Syria

Syria isn't Iraq, Richard Cohen wants you to know

(Newser) - As Syria's bloody civil war has raged on, Richard Cohen at the Washington Post has been dismayed to see so many liberals fighting against intervention. "The argument is that Syria would be Iraq all over again," Cohen writes. But "this is tendentious." People like Cohen... More »

What Happened to the GOP's Intellect?

Don't blame Romney for devolving party: Richard Cohen, David Brooks

(Newser) - Conservative commentators have been complaining lately about a struggling Romney campaign—but it's the Republican Party itself that's the "real problem," writes Richard Cohen in the Washington Post . "While Ronald Reagan had to beat out a star-studded field for his GOP nomination, Mitt Romney "... More »

Who Cares About Offshoring?

Richard Cohen says job crisis deserves more than 'schoolyard-level' debate

(Newser) - Imagine Mitt Romney had replaced lots of American workers with robots. Surely, no one would be running attack ads about that. "Robots, for some reason, are good Americans," quips Richard Cohen of the Washington Post . But the Obama campaign is running ads accusing Romney of sending jobs overseas—... More »

News of the World Scandal Shows Power of Print

Richard Cohen on Rupert Murdoch's inky downfall

(Newser) - Richard Cohen is thrilled about the downfall of News of the World, and not just because it was “a revolting scandal sheet” run by the hated Rupert Murdoch. “I thrill that what we are witnessing is a good, old-fashioned newspaper scandal,” Cohen writes in the Washington Post... More »

The GOP Now a 'Political Cult'

Anyone who thinks for themselves need not apply: Richard Cohen

(Newser) - Someone needs to study the Republican Party, and not a political scientist, but “a mental health professional,” writes Richard Cohen of the Washington Post . “The GOP needs an intervention. It has become a cult.” To get into the cult, one must not just “mouth banalities... More »

Obama's Tone Deaf on Terror

'President is ignoring citizen security fears'

(Newser) - The Obama administration's policy on captured terrorists seems like it's aimed more at pleasing America's critics than making Americans feel safer, writes Richard Cohen. Blunders like trying to hold the KSM trial in New York and giving the "underwear bomber" suspect his Miranda rights show that the administration is... More »

Edwards a Warning on Celebrity Pols

Fame has replaced achievement and the judgment of peers

(Newser) - John Edwards nearly rode a megawatt grin into the Oval Office, and there's a lesson in the wreckage of his political career, writes Richard Cohen. Edwards became the vice presidential nominee because of his "political matinee idol" style, rather than legislative achievement. His rise—along with that of Sarah... More »

Maddow Rips 'Gay Cure' Therapist

Cohen has 'blood on his hands'

(Newser) - Irritated Rachel Maddow last night eviserated a psychotherapist who claims to have "cured" thousands of gays, and charged him with having "blood on his hands." Richard Cohen's work has been used to justify Ugandan legislation known as the "Kill the Gays" bill which would enact the... More »

Right Should Stop Slandering Gay Marriage

It's not recipe for promiscuity, it's a vote for family

(Newser) - You know you’ve got a problem when the only way a guy who was "antisocial, a misfit, an incompetent psychiatrist and a likely Islamic fanatic" could get out of the military is if he was gay, writes Richard Cohen. The military should get its priorities straight, he writes... More »

We Need an Institute to Study Sarah Palin

And George W. Bush should be the one to build it

(Newser) - Dear George W. Bush: Instead of setting up some boring policy institute—there are already about 3,000 of them—why not spend your money on something important, like studying Sarah Palin. Set up the Institute for the Study of Sarah Palin, and “my check is in the mail,... More »

Campaign Film Shows 'Too-Perfect' Obama

Lack of passion in behind-the-scenes doc highlights problems with Obama's presidency

(Newser) - President Obama comes across as too perfect for his own good in upcoming HBO documentary By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, writes Richard Cohen. The behind-the-scenes look at the campaign shows Obama as cool and collected as ever, Cohen writes in the Washington Post, with no sign of... More »

Erratic Obama Cheapens the Presidency

Time for leader of free world to stop acting like a candidate: Cohen

(Newser) - Barack Obama has been in office for nearly a year, but for Richard Cohen, he's still "the candidate-in-full," unaware that he is already president. Watching Obama alongside Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy last week, the Washington Post columnist perceived "a faux Cuban missile crisis"—and a... More »

Stewart Took a Cheap Shot at Cramer, CNBC

Even CEOs couldn't predict crisis, let alone analysts covering them

(Newser) - Jon Stewart’s pantsing of Jim Cramer was nothing but a “cheap shot,” writes Richard Cohen in the Washington Post. CNBC’s crew wasn’t covering up the impending crisis, and neither were the CEOs they interviewed. Many, including head honchos at AIG, Lehman Brothers, and Citigroup, lost... More »

The Case for and Against Rick Warren

WaPost does the dueling op-ed thing

(Newser) - Liberals should be neither shocked nor appalled by Barack Obama’s inaugural invitation to anti-gay pastor Rick Warren, EJ Dionne writes in the Washington Post. His colleague Richard Cohen begs to differ, however, so the two duke it out in their columns today. Cohen says Obama has decided to “... More »

McCain Sheds Honor in Heat of Campaign

Columnist, a longtime fan of the straight-shooting senator, sorely disappointed

(Newser) - John McCain's dishonesty in this race has turned him into the kind of politician the candidate once professed to hate, writes Richard Cohen—a one-time fan of the Arizona senator—in the Washington Post. McCain’s lies—most blatantly expressed on The View in response to a question about misleading... More »

Obama Pastor Faulted for Farrakhan Rave

Incensed scribe cries racism; candidate deplores same

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s controversial pastor is back in the press—and the blogosphere—this time for praising Louis Farrakhan in an issue of the church's magazine, calling him "an unforgettable force, a catalyst for change and a religious leader who is sincere about his faith and his purpose."... More »

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