Nevada Supreme Court

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Dems to Debate; No Kucinich

Nevada court backs NBC's decision to exclude Kucinich

(Newser) - The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the Democratic debate can go on tonight without Dennis Kucinich, the New York Times reports. The debate will include only Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards. Kucinich sought either to be included in the debate or to force its cancellation. The debate starts... More »

Last-Minute Stay Spares Nev. Murderer

State puts lethal injection on hold until next year's ruling

(Newser) - Nevada stayed a convicted killer's execution today, 90 minutes before he was to receive lethal injection, BBC reports. William Castillo's stay is the latest in a series of postponements by states awaiting a US Supreme Court ruling on lethal injection. The ACLU, which appealed Castillo's case, calls the method "... More »

2 Stories