Brad Renfro

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The Roles They Left Behind

Here's a list of stars whose movies outlasted them

(Newser) - Heath Ledger's posthumous appearance in The Dark Knight prompts Radar to muse on stars whose films debuted after they died, prompting critics to wonder what could have been—or to hold their tongues.
  • Brad Renfro, The Informers. A onetime child star known for run-ins with the law, Renfro completed filming
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Young & Reckless: AP Brit Obit Sparks Macabre Debate

Is 26 too young for an obit?

(Newser) - The Associated Press decision to prepare an obituary for 26-year-old troubled pop star Britney Spears has triggered a debate about the extent the news media should anticipate the early deaths of celebrities like Spears, actress Lindsay Lohan and singer Amy Winehouse, who are clearly living risky lives. The AP had... More »

Actor Renfro Dead at 25; Cause Unknown

Child star of The Client had run-ins with police, drugs as an adult

(Newser) - Actor Brad Renfro, who kicked off his career at age 10 in The Client, was found dead at his Los Angeles home today, "Access Hollywood" reports. He was 25. The LA coroner's office confirmed his death; the cause of death is unknown and an investigation is under way. "... More »

3 Stories