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For My Hyper 7-Year-Old: Coffee

Like Ritalin with fewer side effects, writes Christie Haskell

(Newser) - What do you do when your kid can’t sit still—but you’re concerned about the side effects of Ritalin? One mom offers an unusual remedy that goes against standard medical advice: Give the youngster coffee, she writes at the Stir blog at Cafe Mom . Christie Haskell didn’t... More »

MLB Players Still Popping Pills for ADHD

(Newser) - Major Leaguers are still taking amphetamines for attention deficit disorder despite new rules designed under pressure from Congress, the New York Times reports. In fact, such exemptions grew slightly last season until nearly 8% of players were on ADHD drugs, the AP reports. "This is incredible," said... More »

Forget Sugar; That Dye Can't Be Good for You

Weighing link to kids' hyperactivity, FDA mulls ban on artificial colors

(Newser) - The FDA is weighing a ban on a handful of artificial food dyes in the face of mounting evidence that some of the chemical compounds trigger hyperactivity in children, reports the Los Angeles Times. "The safety testing on these [dyes] was done 30 to 50 years ago," says... More »

Number of Baseball Players Taking ADD Drugs Spikes

Ban on amphetamines seen as obvious factor

(Newser) - Since baseball's 2006 ban on amphetamines, the number of players claiming to have Attention Deficit Disorder and obtaining prescriptions for stimulant drugs has nearly quadrupled from 28 to 103, reports the Associated Press. The MLB anti-performance enhancing policy gives the players exemptions on certain drugs, including Ritalin and Adderall, if... More »

4 Stories