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What Blocked Seattle Tunnel: A Lowly Pipe

8-inch pipe halted giant tunneling machine

(Newser) - The mystery underground object that had been blocking the giant Big Bertha tunnel boring machine under Seattle turns out to have been something pretty boring: An 8-inch diameter steel pipe. Seattleites had been fascinated by the mystery, speculating that an old steamship, locomotive, or other relic from the city's... More »

Seattle's Giant Drill, 'Bertha,' Is Stuck

Huge tunnel borer hits a big and unknown snag

(Newser) - A giant drill boring beneath a section of Washington's State Route 99 has ground to a halt after hitting a mysterious clog some 60 feet underground. The five-story tunnel drill, Bertha, slowed to a crawl Saturday about 1,000 feet, or one-eighth of the way, into its dig beneath... More »

Israeli Gunfire Kills 5, Wounds 18 in Central Gaza

Two Hamas militants killed in air strike

(Newser) - Israeli gun and tank fire in Gaza today killed at least five Palestinians, including two boys, said officials at a Palestinian hospital. The wounded included 18 civilians and two fighters. Israeli officials said troops entered the area to quell terrorist activity and push Palestinians from a border fence when they... More »

Israel Pledges to Pull 50 West Bank Roadblocks

Rice hails deal, but Palestine officials are skeptical

(Newser) - Pressured by Condoleezza Rice to kickstart flagging peace talks, Israel pledged to remove about 50 roadblocks from the West Bank—the first in a series of “concrete steps” to finalize a deal, Al Jazeera reports. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad hailed the news despite skepticism from other officials. “... More »

Kenya Braces for More Violence

Opposition gearing up for street protests

(Newser) - Tensions are rising in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi as angry opposition supporters prepare for three days of protests over the re-election of President Mwai Kibaki in an allegedly rigged ballot. Opposition protests have been banned by the Kibaki regime, triggering concerns that rallies could spark major clashes. Some 600... More »

5 Stories