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Boy Cuts Worker's Safety Line on 8th Floor

10-year-old in China says he couldn't watch cartoons

(Newser) - A guy doing handiwork outside an apartment building in China got quite the shock when a boy severed his safety line, leaving him to dangle 100 feet above the ground, reports NPR . Why the unkind cut? The worker, named Liu, apparently made so much noise installing lights that the 10-year-old... More »

3rd Worker Dies Building World Cup Stadium

Falls while installing seats; 5 have died at other venues

(Newser) - A worker died after falling at the construction site of the stadium that will host Brazil's World Cup opener in Sao Paulo, a hospital said today. Fabio Hamilton da Cruz, whose age was not immediately disclosed, fell about 26 feet while helping install temporary seats at the Itaquerao stadium,... More »

The Disaster That Is My Sochi Hotel

Stacy St. Clair had quite the morning in Sochi

(Newser) - American journalists are turning to Twitter to moan about their Sochi hotel accommodations, and the complaints go well beyond there being no mints on the pillow. A sampling of the issues, per the Washington Post : no hotel lobby floor built yet; only one of 11 rooms booked five months ago... More »

Clash Over $1.6B Could Sink Panama Canal Project

Neither builders nor Canal Authority want to give up the funds

(Newser) - An ambitious plan to expand the Panama Canal may soon run aground—two-thirds of the way into the project. The $3.2 billion undertaking is supposed to see a third set of locks installed in order to allow larger vessels to pass through the canal by mid-2015. But that price... More »

Dad Charged in Children's Dirt-Pit Deaths

Jordan Arwood hit with two counts of involuntary manslaughter

(Newser) - Five months after the deaths of his daughter and nephew, a North Carolina man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Police say Jordan Arwood, 31, had been digging with a backhoe, and without building permits, near where James Caldwell, 7, and Chloe Arwood, 6, were playing in a two-story-deep hole.... More »

2 Kids' Bodies Pulled From Construction Site Collapse

Had been playing in a hole: reports

(Newser) - A construction site accident in rural North Carolina did indeed claim the lives of two children, a 13-hour search involving more than 100 people has revealed. A wall of dirt fell on cousins who'd been playing in a hole at the excavated site, reports the Charlotte Observer . The body... More »

Building Collapse Kills 41 in Mumbai

More than 50 injured

(Newser) - At least 41 people have been killed after a building collapsed near Mumbai, the AP reports. More than 50 have been injured, and more could be trapped. At least 11 children were dead, officials said, with more than 20 people missing amid rescue efforts. The seven-story building was in the... More »

Subway Worker Rescued in 'Quicksand' Ordeal

Meanwhile, 19 miners rescued in Poland

(Newser) - More than 140 rescue workers converged on a New York subway construction project last night after a worker became trapped in a 75-foot-deep tunnel, sunk up to his waist in what an FDNY source described as "cement-like" mud, the New York Post reports. After a host of failed rescue... More »

1 Shoddy Building Killed 115 in NZ Quake

Two-thirds of deaths were in building that should never have gone up: report

(Newser) - Almost two-thirds of the deaths in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake happened in a building that should never have been approved, according to a New Zealand government-ordered report. The collapse of the CTV building killed 115 of the quake's 185 victims, and the report found that the engineer who designed... More »

Firm Plans to Build World's Tallest Building ... in 90 Days

Chinese company plans prefab 'Sky City'

(Newser) - A Chinese company is planning to make the world's tallest building sprout from the central city of Changsha as fast as a magic beanstalk. Broad Sustainable Building says that after construction begins on its Sky City project early next year, the 2,749-foot-tall tower will be completed in just... More »

US Housing Construction Hits 4-Year High

Up 15% in September: Commerce department

(Newser) - US builders started construction on single-family homes and apartments in September at the fastest pace since July 2008, a further indication that the housing recovery is strengthening. The Commerce Department says builders broke ground at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 872,000 in September. That's an increase of... More »

LA Buckles Up for 'Carmageddon 2'

It's baaaaaack: The 405 Freeway closes again

(Newser) - Even Los Angelenos admit that "Carmageddon" ended with a whimper , but now comes the sequel—and some say it could be horrible, Reuters reports. A new 53-hour closure of the 405 Freeway north of the Getty Center starts at midnight tonight and drags on until Monday at 5am. So... More »

Economy Showing Signs of Life

But it may be too late to boost Obama

(Newser) - The American economy is hardly the picture of health, but more signs of recovery are emerging in time for the closing months of the White House race, the Washington Post finds. New home construction and housing prices have jumped , hiring is up, and the number of people seeking unemployment insurance... More »

Couple Razes Home Being Built Too Far From Curb

Construction boo-boo meant no room for a pool

(Newser) - Really ridiculous real estate decisions apparently aren't the sole province of West Coast couples. The New York Post reports that a Hamptons couple decided to tear down their rising home and demolish its 2,025-square-foot foundation because the under-construction home was being built too far from the curb, squashing... More »

New Vegas Toy: Sandbox for Adults

Failed construction boom makes it possible

(Newser) - Should you need further proof that Vegas is a playground for adults, consider the city's new toy: a sandbox for grown-ups. The new draw across from the Vegas Strip lets visitor plunk down money (as much as $750) to play with construction equipment such as excavators and bulldozers, reports... More »

US Can't Build Things Anymore

Don't blame conservatives for bureaucratic nightmare, writes Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - It took just 410 days to build the Empire State Building, and a mere two years to build the Pentagon. “These days it takes longer to build an overpass,” observes Jonah Goldberg of the LA Times . “This country can’t build stuff the way it used to.... More »

No Relief for Homeowners With Rotting Chinese Drywall

Many seek alternate shelter; others have to tough it out

(Newser) - Their homes stink like rotten eggs, appliances constantly malfunction, and anything metal turns black and corrodes, but the headaches (and other illnesses) don't end there for homeowners with Chinese drywall, reports the New York Times. Though thousands of lawsuits have been filed, insurance companies aren't paying, homebuilders largely aren't stepping... More »

Chinese Drywall Trouble Went Unreported

Home builder, manufacturer knew of problems for 2 years

(Newser) - An East Coast homebuilder knew about problems associated with tainted drywall from China two years before the issue erupted on a national level, reports ProPublica . Instead of alerting authorities, the parties involved—including the construction company, the Chinese manufacturer, and the US distributor—dealt with the problems like foul odors... More »

17 Most Corrupt Industries

Want to retain your honor? Don't get into these professions

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs got you convinced Wall Street is the most corrupt place to work? Not quite: The Daily Beast worked with an anti-corruption research organization to determine the 17 most corrupt industries in America. The top five, along with representative examples:
  1. Utilities: FirstEnergy allegedly covered up a reactor head that
... More »

Spider Silk Discovery Opens Way to Super Matter

Method may "make it possible to build bricks from straw'

(Newser) - Spider silk is yielding secrets that could pave the way for incredibly strong building materials, researchers say. MIT scientists found that the silk uses a unique crystal structure that makes it both strong and able to bend without breaking. They believe it is possible to copy that structure to turn... More »

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