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Scientists Invent Paint-On Batteries

Spray-painted power source is half a millimeter thick

(Newser) - If you tend to associate spray paint with nefarious behavior involving graffiti, prepare to have your mind blown. Scientists have invented batteries that can be spray painted onto any surface. Researchers at Rice University demoed the new technology by coating steel, glass, and a beer mug with painted-on batteries. "... More »

'Super Sand' Makes Water Safe to Drink

Rice University filtration idea might ease shortage of drinking water

(Newser) - Access to clean drinking water is not a new problem in the world, and neither is the solution offered by Rice University researchers: sand. Except theirs is an improved version. The regular stuff has long been used to filter water, but it doesn't do a very effective job. Cue... More »

100 Happiest Colleges

Claremont schools in California fare well in survey

(Newser) - The Daily Beast follows up its list of the nation's most stressed-out colleges with a polar-opposite one on the happiest schools. Factors include housing, weather, nightlife, and tuition. Read the full list of 100 here . The consortium of Claremont colleges in California dominate the top 10:
  1. Claremont (Calif.) McKenna
... More »

BioBeer: This Bud's for Cancer

Brewski to combat cancer, heart disease

(Newser) - Imagine a beer that can prevent cancer and heart disease—even stave off aging. Researchers at Rice University are attempting to craft just such a concoction, reports Computerworld, using a genetically modified strain of yeast that produces resveratrol, the same disease-busting compound found in red wine. The team hopes to... More »

Chip Trades Precision for Power Usage

Sometimes, argues one engineer, close really is good enough

(Newser) - Smaller, faster and more precise are the goals of engineers who design microchips, those tiny, power-hungry processors at the core of modern electronics. But a Rice University professor is going against the grain, trading a little bit of precision for a major savings in power, and potentially leading a revolution... More »

Really Black Is the New Black

Scientists create darkest black ever, and it may have practical uses

(Newser) - What's the blackest thing you can think of? If you said a carpet of carbon nanotubes, you probably work with a Rice University team of scientists whose current project is "pushing the limit of how much light can be absorbed into one material." Their new material could lead... More »

6 Stories