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Dell Going Private in $24B Move

Founder looks to overhaul 30-year-old firm

(Newser) - Dell has reached a deal to go private, the company has announced. Shareholders will receive some $13.65 per share in a $24 billion deal, the New York Times reports, which marks a 25% premium over Dell's January share price. The privatization deal with Microsoft and private equity company... More »

Romney's Campaign a Lie of 'Historic Dimensions'

Mitt Romney rails against debt, but he got rich by creating it, Matt Taibbi argues

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's entire campaign is built around debt—he once described the nation's debt as a "prairie fire" getting "closer to the homes and children we love." Which makes the whole affair "a shimmering pearl of perfect political hypocrisy," writes Matt Taibbi for... More »

Tribune Company Files for Bankruptcy

Financing billions in debt becomes too onerous in down economy

(Newser) - The Tribune Company filed today for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, due to mounting debt and an inability to pay interest in the floundering economy, the Wall Street Journal reports. Tribune’s profits declined 83% in the third quarter, making it difficult to finance $12 billion in debt. The company has... More »

Credit Crisis Spells Disaster for Private Equity Firms

Debt tightens as profits fall for many acquired companies

(Newser) - After a nearly 3-year buyout spree, private equity firms are facing tightened credit conditions just as slumping consumer spending squeezes many of their acquisitions, the New York Times reports. The leveraged-buyout bubble that culminated in $796 billion in deals in 2007 is bursting, leading to a grim reckoning as firms... More »

Clear Channel, Buyers Sue Banks Over Soured Deal

Equity firms claim lenders backtracked on financing takeover of broadcast giant

(Newser) - The two private-equity firms set to buy Clear Channel sued the group of banks they had engaged to fund the deal, the Wall Street Journal reports. Joined by Clear Channel, Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners accused the consortium—including Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Wachovia—of breaching contract by... More »

Credit Crunch Rocks LBOs

Fears of risky debt ripples through global markets

(Newser) - Leveraged buyouts, which have fueled Wall Street booms with offers of huge premiums on shares of target companies, are sputtering to a halt, the Wall Street Journal reports. Private equity firms, which just weeks ago were predicting acquisitions worth $100 billion and more, are now finding large-scale borrowing too expensive... More »

SEC Opens Subprime Probe

Cox announces investigations into CDOs in wake of Bear Sterns tremors

(Newser) - The feds are investigating the controversial bundles of financial services that have recently shaken the market and sparked a spate of leveraged buyouts, the Journal reports. SEC chief Christopher Cox told a congressional panel yesterday that "about 12 investigations" were under way into CDOs, shared debt packages reliant on... More »

Hot LBO Market Takes Hit

As big-time deals struggle to manage debt, beware the Trojan piggy bank

(Newser) - The red-hot market for LBOs may be hitting a long-awaited rough patch. Several big deals—including Apollo's $1.3 billion Linens 'n Things buy and the multigroup $17.6 billion acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor Holdings—have turned sour, with the companies struggling to generate enough cash to pay down debt... More »

Private Equity Binge Goes Wireless

Goldman Sachs, Texas Pacific Group will buy Alltel for $27.5B

(Newser) - A consortium led by the Texas Pacific Group and Goldman Sachs yesterday snapped up the nation's fifth-largest wireless provider for $27.5 billion, the largest telecom buyout ever. The $71.50 per share offer for Alltel awaits shareholder and regulatory approval and comes weeks before a scheduled auction for the... More »

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