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Radioshack Bleeding, Will Close 1 in 5 Stores

Company announces dismal holiday sales numbers

(Newser) - Radioshack released an absolutely grisly quarterly report today, and on its heels came plans to close as many as 1,100 stores—or about 20% of its total, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company said it had lost $191.4 million over the holiday quarter, a huge jump from... More »

What to Buy on Cyber Monday

You can get a good deal on electronics today

(Newser) - Get ready to load up those virtual shopping carts—Cyber Monday is here and the deals are huge. Electronics were hot on Black Friday and are expected to stay hot on Cyber Monday. If you need a new TV, now is the time to get it. And the deals don'... More »

Chill Out, Activists: Working Black Friday Is Fun

There are other ways to fight for retail employees: Angela Harmon

(Newser) - People like to hate on Black Friday and its gradual encroachment onto Thanksgiving, often "offering righteous indignation on behalf of retail workers who can’t spend the holiday with their families," writes Angela Harmon on Salon . But as a former retail employee who volunteered to work the midnight... More »

Here's How to Fix 'Black Thursday': Stay Home

Just ... don't ... shop. It's pretty simple: Ellen Galinsky

(Newser) - Based on the Facebook outrage and all the online petitions, a huge chunk of America is pretty upset about the growing trend of stores opening on Thanksgiving Day. But, uh, the way to fix this has nothing to do with signing a petition and posting it on your Facebook wall,... More »

Black Friday: Traffic Up, Sales Down

Thanks to Thursday store openings

(Newser) - There were nearly 308 million store visits on Black Friday this year, a 3.5% increase from last year, but sales were down 1.8% to $11.2 billion, according to a ShopperTrak analysis. Why? Blame stores that actually opened on Thursday night, CNN reports. "While foot traffic did... More »

The Craziest Black Friday Stories, Videos

Inside this year's throngs, crimes

(Newser) - It's not Black Friday until mob violence has erupted at a Walmart. Some of the craziest stories coming out of the day so far:
  • The Atlantic Wire points to two videos of crazy-looking throngs fighting over cheap cellphones at Walmart, and Mediaite has video of hundreds of young girls
... More »

Most Americans Plan to 'Self-Gift' ... to Tune of $140

We love shopping ... for ourselves

(Newser) - Go ahead and buy yourself that discounted cashmere sweater today. You deserve it. Wait. What? You had already planned to do just that? Yeah, we thought so. The National Retail Federation reports that "self-gifting" is poised to hit a 10-year high this year, with shoppers set to spend an... More »

Your Black Friday Strategy Guide

If you insist on going into the fray, here's what to do

(Newser) - "Black Friday is for suckers," declares Farhad Manjoo in Slate —but, assuming you still insist on going shopping tomorrow, he has some advice. So do Caity Weaver in Gawker , Matthew Ong in US News and World Report , and Herb Weisbaum on Today :
  • Download some of the new
... More »

Retailers Gear Up for Huge 'Cyber Monday'

Don't worry, it's not too late to get deals

(Newser) - Happy Cyber Monday , the day when people who didn’t feel like braving Black Friday can still get half off a Kitchenaid mixer on Amazon. Last year was a huge hit , and analysts don’t expect today to be any different, as Cyber Monday has become more successful each year.... More »

Yep, 'Black Midnight' Worked

Analysts say earlier hours could become the norm

(Newser) - Despite outcry and even protests beforehand, it appears the strategy of opening as early as 10pm Thursday night worked for Black Friday retailers, meaning “ Black Midnight ” or even “ Black Thursday ” will likely become the norm. The Los Angeles Times reports that Toys R Us, Sears, and... More »

Black Friday Shoppers Riot Over $2 Waffle Makers

Plus, more pepper spray

(Newser) - The Black Friday craziness continues: Mashable points to a truly terrifying video of Walmart shoppers completely losing it over a display of $2 waffle makers. Mediaite , meanwhile, spotted the second video in the gallery below, in which police officers reportedly deployed pepper spray on over-enthusiastic Walmart shoppers in North Carolina.... More »

Tea Partiers Want You to 'BUYcott Black Friday'

Activists fight back against Occupy Black Friday movement

(Newser) - There may be some common ground between the Occupiers and the Tea Partiers, but apparently not when it comes to Black Friday. The Tea Party is fighting back against Occupy Black Friday with its own campaign, BUYcott Black Friday, CNBC reports. As opposed to the Occupiers, who would rather you... More »

Forget Black Midnight: Now It's Black Thursday

And analysts warn more stores will jump on the bandwagon

(Newser) - Black Friday became “ Black Midnight ” this year—but analysts say it’s actually “Black Thursday,” as many stores are planning to open on Thanksgiving itself. Walmart, Toys R Us, and Kmart are among the chains barely giving customers a chance to digest their turkey dinner... More »

Target Worker Fights 'Black Midnight' Hours

Shifts start at 11pm on Thanksgiving, to employees' dismay

(Newser) - If you rolled your eyes at the news that some stores are opening at midnight on Black Friday, imagine how the employees of those stores feel. Target parking attendant Anthony Hardwick says that for his Black Friday shift—which starts at 11pm on Thursday—he’ll “have to go... More »

Retailers Ready Black Friday 'Dogfight' on TV Prices

Get ready for 40% price cuts across the board amid weak demand

(Newser) - Planning to score a new TV on Black Friday? Apparently this is the year to do so, as deals are exploding in what one analyst calls a “dogfight” between top US retailers. Last year, some retailers only slashed prices on high-end TVs. This year, expect to see discounts across... More »

Hot Christmas Gifts: Ferrari, $45K Ping-Pong Table

Fantasy gifts for 2011 unveiled in 'Christmas Book'

(Newser) - It’s that time of year again: time for Neiman Marcus to say, “Recession? What recession?” and urge you to purchase a $250,000 mahogany speedboat for your beloved this Christmas. Yes, the Christmas Book was unveiled yesterday. To really get into the holiday spirit, read on for the... More »

Americans to Spend Nearly $7B on Halloween Stuff

That's more than double 2005's amount

(Newser) - Apparently, Halloween is more than just a holiday—it’s an economic stimulus package. Americans plan to spend a whopping $6.9 billion on costumes, decorations, and entertainment related to October 31, according to the National Retail Federation—and that’s more than double 2005’s number from the same... More »

After-Christmas Shoppers Swarm Stores

This holiday season the best for retailers since 2007

(Newser) - The holiday shopping season continued to be a merry one for retailers, as shoppers packed stores yesterday searching for post-Christmas sales. An East Coast snowstorm daunted some—but not all—shoppers; even so, execs weren't concerned. "People will just wait a day to do exchanges and use their gift... More »

How to Survive Black Friday

If you're serious about it, start doing your research this very second

(Newser) - For some, Black Friday will actually begin tonight. "I leave the house at 9:30pm on Thanksgiving," one serious shopper tells the New York Daily News . "Everything used to open at 6am, but every year it gets even earlier." With 138 million Americans expected to be... More »

15 Best Stores to Hit on Black Friday

One will even give you free breakfast

(Newser) - Planning your Black Friday shopping agenda? The Daily Beast rounds up the 15 stores you should definitely hit up, having ranked the largest national retailers based on prices, hours, and extra perks offered. The ones that scored the highest:
  1. Sam's Club: Opens at 5am and offers a free breakfast of
... More »

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