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Old-School Training for US Soldiers: Jungle Warfare

Army post in Hawaii puts soldiers through paces in tough rainforest environment

(Newser) - The Army soldiers finished wading across a stream in a Hawaiian rainforest, their boots and socks waterlogged, their clothes, hair, and ears caked with mud. The soldiers were training at the first jungle school the US Army has established in decades, designed to train for exercises and potential combat on... More »

Navy SEAL Student Dies in 'Legendarily Difficult' Course

James Derek Lovelace was attempting to do an exercise called 'drown proofing'

(Newser) - An underwater training course for Navy SEALs that the Washington Post calls "legendarily difficult" proved fatal Friday for one student at a California naval station. James Derek Lovelace, 21, who had just joined the Navy six months ago and completed basic training in January, was wrapping up the last... More »

US Secretly Training Commandos in Africa

And on the verge of doing the same in Syria

(Newser) - The US military has been secretly training counterterrorism commandos in a handful of African countries, the New York Times reveals today, in the hopes of creating elite, homegrown foes for groups like al-Qaeda and Boko Haram. The Pentagon is spending almost $70 million on the plan, drawing on classified funds,... More »

Army's New Training Center: A Fake Town

Virginia site has fake football stadium, subway

(Newser) - US soldiers in northern Virginia have a new training center—and it looks a lot like your town. It's got a bank, a school, an embassy, a mosque, and even a football stadium, all spread across 300 acres, the Telegraph reports. And all of it fake. "This is... More »

Paratrooper Killed in Training Accident

Seven others injured

(Newser) - A paratrooper training exercise went terribly wrong at Fort Bragg in North Carolina today, leaving one paratrooper dead and seven others injured, Army Times and WRAL report. Five of those injured were treated for minor injuries at Womack Army Medical Center and then released, but the other two were seriously... More »

Angry Over Syria, Saudis Back Away From US

Intelligence chief wants more aggressive approach against Assad

(Newser) - Following his country's decision to reject a UN Security Council seat , Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief is edging away from the US specifically: Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud told European officials that his country will reduce its secret work with the CIA on training Syrian rebels, reports the Wall ... More »

US Marines Meditate, Practice 'Mindfulness'

New study could overcome stress and suicide rates

(Newser) - The US Marine Corps, known for turning out some of the military's toughest warriors, is studying how to make its troops even tougher through meditative practices, yoga-type stretching, and exercises based on mindfulness. Marine Corps officials say they will build a curriculum that would integrate mindfulness-based techniques into their... More »

Newly Single Prince Harry Going to LA

Royal party animal plans to finish Apache helicopter training

(Newser) - A suddenly single Prince Harry is going to visit Los Angeles to complete his Apache helicopter training, enjoy a little sun ... and whatever else he may uncover, the Daily reports. Having split with his lingerie model girlfriend so he won't be "tied down in a relationship when training,... More »

US to Train Terrorist Hunters in Yemen

First time US has worked with the country's counterterror unit

(Newser) - Faced with an increasingly alarming threat from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the US military will begin a new training program with Yemen's counterterrorism unit so it can move against militants believed to be plotting attacks on America from safe havens there. The effort will mark the first time the... More »

Attack Draws Attention to Quiet US Efforts in Pakistan

Taliban may have had intelligence from within the Frontier Corps

(Newser) - The US had an uncomfortable light shined on its training operations in Pakistan yesterday, when three American soldiers were killed in a Taliban suicide bombing in Lower Dir. The soldiers were part of a Special Operations team training Pakistan’s paramilitary Frontier Corps, the New York Times reports, a program... More »

Yemen Wants Help Fighting al-Qaeda

Foreign minister estimates about 300 are in the country

(Newser) - Yemen is confident it can do away with the hundreds of al-Qaeda fighters operating within its borders, but it needs more support from the West. The call from the country’s foreign minister comes as investigators probe the link between the recent terror attempt on Northwest Flight 253 and... More »

Air Force Pulls Video After Marines Complain

Recruiting vid says airman 'in better shape'

(Newser) - The Air Force hastily pulled down its latest recruiting video yesterday in response to a complaint from a high-ranking Marine Corps official. In the video, an Air Force instructor boasts that his charges leave basic training “in better shape than most Marines.” Marines spotted it on the Air... More »

Hitchens Agrees: Waterboarding Is Torture

Controversial writer puts his money where his mouth is, takes plunge for Vanity Fair

(Newser) - "You may have read by now the official lie about this treatment, which is that it simulates the feeling of drowning," Christopher Hitchens writes of waterboarding in Vanity Fair. "You feel that you are drowning because you are drowning," concludes the author, who experienced the controversial... More »

Who Are You Calling 'Devil Dog'?

Marines now balk at WWI nickname once used with pride

(Newser) - Once used with pride, the Marines moniker "Devil Dog" now has a nasty bite to it, the Marine Corps Times reports. Young Marines recoil at the term that troops earned by fighting off Germans in a bloody World War I battle. They say it reminds them of angry COs:... More »

Behold the Mighty Medicine Ball

Weighty exercise aid goes back a lot longer than you'd think

(Newser) - The thunk of a medicine ball may evoke images of football players doing strength and resistance training, but its history reaches far beyond the advent of modern fitness regimens. ESPN the Magazine chronicles the medicine ball through the ages, from gladiators' workouts to Renaissance medical texts to the earliest days... More »

Indignant NATO Allies Blast Gates' Critique

It's 'bloody outrageous,' says angry Brit official

(Newser) - US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has sparked an uproar among America's allies after he complained to the Los Angeles Times that some NATO forces are unprepared for their jobs in Afghanistan. The Dutch, British and Canadians—who all have troops in the south of the country—immediately slammed the comments,... More »

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