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Study: Certain Carbs Can Up Your Risk of Depression

Added sugars, refined grains boost women's depression risk by 23%

(Newser) - Feeling depressed? Don't turn to PB&J on white bread in an attempt to make yourself feel better, especially if you're a woman. A diet high in certain carbohydrates—highly refined ones, like that bread, for instance—may bump up the risk of depression in postmenopausal women, per... More »

White Rice Linked to Diabetes Risk

Brown rice lowers risk of developing disease; more study needed

(Newser) - People who frequently eat white rice are at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than those who eat less than one serving a month. But rice isn't all bad: Eating the brown variety lowers the likelihood of developing the disease, new research shows. Replacing white rice serving-for-serving with brown... More »

Fiber-Rich Corn Offers Digestive, Uh, Benefit

Kernels act as 'snowplows' in intestine

(Newser) - Corn is an American staple—it helped the earliest settlers survive and has provided us with bread and meal ever since. Recently, though, corn has been portrayed in a more unfavorable light, whether as the source of high-fructose corn syrup or the recipient of ethanol subsidies. From a nutritional perspective,... More »

'Whole Grain' Lawsuit Hits at Truth About Health Food

Food industry accused of labeling products with only a grain of truth

(Newser) - The food industry is coming under pressure to start telling the whole truth about whole grain products, BusinessWeek reports. Sara Lee, facing a lawsuit from a consumer advocacy group, has agreed to change the labels on its Soft & Smooth bread to reflect that it's made from just 30% whole... More »

10 Ways to Eat More Grains

Here are some easy suggestions for making your diet healthier

(Newser) - Did you vow to eat healthier in 2008? Start by adding whole grains to your diet with these these 10 tips from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
  1. When a recipe calls for white flour, use half white flour and half whole wheat.
  2. Add ½ cup of cooked bulgur, wild rice, or
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The Anti-Heart-Attack Diet

(Newser) - Preventing heart disease is about more than fad diets; it's about creating long-term change and sticking with it. Forbes gives you the no-nonsense guide to heart health:
  1. Balance calorie intake and activity.
  2. Eat fruits and veggies.
  3. Make sure at least half your carbs come from whole grains and high-fiber foods.
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6 Stories