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Rubios' Traffic Ticket Total: 17

Wife Jeannette has most of them

(Newser) - The Rubios have lead feet, apparently: The New York Times reports that Marco and his wife, Jeanette, have racked up a total of 17 driving infractions since 1997. In fairness to the senator, Jeanette has most of them, 13. The tickets cover everything from reckless driving to speeding to blowing... More »

Media Matters Boss Drives the News

David Brock is manic, systematically influences liberal media: Tucker Carlson

(Newser) - The right-leaning Daily Caller last night published the first in an investigative series about Media Matters for America, alleging that the liberal media watchdog is in bed with the Obama administration, as well as a number of media organizations and bigwigs, and that founder David Brock systematically attempts to influence... More »

Former Exec: Fox News Hacked Phones, Too

'Black ops office' existed to do 'counter intelligence' work: Dan Cooper

(Newser) - A former Fox News exec who helped launch the channel in 1996 claims the Rupert Murdoch-owned network has a "counter intelligence and black ops office" that may have engaged in a little phone hacking of its own. The New York "brain room," which most thought was just... More »

Media Matters Declares 'War' on Fox News

Liberal group plans 'sabotage' campaign to discredit network

(Newser) - Nobody can accuse the liberal Media Matters group of having a hidden agenda. The mission is out in the open and called "war on Fox." That's how founder David Brock describes the group's new vision to Ben Smith of Politico . As part of this war, it plans a... More »

Dems Launch $40M Assault on McCain

Group headed by David Brock revs up attack machine

(Newser) - David Brock, the once-right-wing journalist who led an assault on Bill Clinton in the early '90s, is taking the lead in a Democratic attack campaign against John McCain, Politico reports. The Brock-helmed group Progressive Media USA is planning a $40-million media blitz aimed at McCain; the group currently has $7.... More »

Chris Matthews Protested Over Sexist Barbs

MSNBC talking head in trouble for calling Clinton 'she-devil,' more

(Newser) - The National Women’s Political Caucus will rally outside NBC's Washington studios today in protest of Chris Matthews’ pattern of sexist comments towards Hillary Clinton. The group has also signed a letter to the network from watchdog David Brock, AOL reports, quoting the Hardball anchor’s jibes at length. Last... More »

6 Stories