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Michelle Sparks Hula Hoop Craze

Newscasters can't resist getting in on the hip action

(Newser) - Michelle Obama has started a trend…at least among America's female newscasters. After the First Lady managed an impressive 142 rotations in a hula-hooping video that went viral, a score of “awkward female news anchors” just had to try it, notes Azaria Jagger on Gawker. Watch videos at left... More »

Michelle Hits 142 at Hula Hoops

But the über-fit first lady just can't do double dutch

(Newser) - The president isn't the only Obama with impressive hoops prowess: Michelle managed 142 swivels of a hula hoop yesterday during a "healthy kids fair" on the White House lawn. Jumping rope double dutch? Not so much. The first lady also gave a pep talk about eating right to about... More »

Hula-Hooping Comes Around as Workout Craze

Hooping burns as many calories as running

(Newser) - The hula-hoop is seeing a revival as a fitness tool, with out-of-shape Americans finding twirling a plastic tube a more enjoyable way to burn calories than running or weight-lifting. Companies like HoopGirl and Hoopnotica have seen sales of weighted hula-hoops and enrollment in hoop fitness classes surge. "I finally... More »

Father of the Hula Hoop, Frisbee Dies

Richard Knerr's Wham-O also produced Slip 'N Slide, Silly String

(Newser) - Richard Knerr, co-founder of the company that launched the Hula Hoop, Frisbee, and Silly String, died of a stroke Monday at 82. Knerr went from selling slingshots out of his parents' garage with lifelong pal and business partner Arthur Melin to creating the hugely profitable Wham-O toy company. The story... More »

4 Stories