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Science Explains Why Mozzarella Is Best for Pizza

It both bubbles and browns better than other cheese

(Newser) - In what sounds like the best middle school science project ever, mozzarella has been put to the test against several other cheeses on pizza and declared the best. But scientists in New Zealand got to work with more than just poster board; they used fancy cameras and software to study... More »

Italy Recalls Famed Mozzarella

Fears that cheese contains carcinogen had prompted Korea, Japan to ban imports

(Newser) - Fear of contamination today forced Italy to recall its celebrated mozzarella cheese, Reuters reports. Rome is withdrawing the cheese of 25 companies in the Campania region near Naples, source of the country’s best buffalo mozzarella, after a garbage crisis is thought to have spread cancer-causing dioxin. The European Commission... More »

Prized Cheese in Italy at Risk

Toxins found in mozzarella after years of illegal trash dumping

(Newser) - More consumers are turning up their noses at Italy’s prized buffalo mozzarella, and not over its smell, the New York Times reports. Toxins have been found in samples of the delicacy, likely caused by illegal dumping of garbage around Naples. Sales are down 40%, and farmers and restaurateurs fear... More »

Disease Imperils Mozzarella From Italy

Bacteria infects 30% of water buffalo herd responsible for famous cheese

(Newser) - A bacterial disease sweeping through the water buffalo whose milk is used to make mozzarella is threatening production of Italy's famous cheese, the BBC reports. As many as 30% of the buffalo in Campania, near Naples, are infected with brucellosis, which leads to reduced milk production and infertility. Italy's government... More »

4 Stories