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Report: 'American Sniper' Exaggerated His War Record

The Intercept finds discrepancies in account of Chris Kyle

(Newser) - Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame was a Navy SEAL who acted heroically in combat. That part isn't in dispute. He just didn't act as heroically as he claimed in his best-selling book, according to a report at the Intercept . In the book, which was made into a... More »

Sick Soldiers Sent to War Zones

Deployed with injuries to meet goals

(Newser) - Soldiers who are unfit because of injuries or illness are being sent to Iraq to meet deployment goals. Physicians reveal that 52 soldiers from Colorado's Fort Carson were deployed despite suffering from nerve damage, mental health problems and other ailments, the Denver Post reports. "Because of issues reaching deployable... More »

2 Stories