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CNBC Ratings Dip After Stewart Smackdown

Last week's figures suggest Daily Show skewering turning viewers off CNBC

(Newser) - Early signs suggest that Jon Stewart may have put a ding in CNBC's ratings, Portfolio reports. Viewership of CNBC's Business Day programming block was down 11% for the first 3 days after Stewart's assault on the network began, although Jim Cramer’s Mad Money pulled somewhat healthier figures outside the... More »

For Daily Show Prep, Cramer Consults Martha

(Newser) - In anticipation of his visit with Jon Stewart on tonight’s Daily Show, an admittedly “nervous” Jim Cramer sought counsel today from another Stewart—Martha. “You should be nervous,” the lifestyle maven said on her syndicated show. “He’s fast as lightning.” The Mad Money... More »

'I Save a Lot of People Money': Cramer to Stewart

(Newser) - Jim Cramer is once again on the defensive, as Jon Stewart seemingly can’t stop finding damning Mad Money clips, Gawker reports. Appearing on this morning's Today show, Cramer was subjected to a CNBC snippet that ran on the Daily Show last night, from January 2008, where the host literally... More »

Cramer Shares 'Obama Portfolio'

Guru picks hot stocks for 2009

(Newser) - America isn’t out of the economic woods, but savvy investors should drop some kindling on their investment fires, James Cramer writes in New York. “Obama’s swift transition and desire to spend trillions to get us moving could prove that happier days will eventually beckon, at least for... More »

Cratering Dow Sinks Cramer Cred (but Doubles Ratings)

'It’s just a bear trying to do a show in this environment,' Mad Money host says

(Newser) - Jim Cramer was long Wall Street’s most reliable cheerleader, psyching up investors on his high-octane CNBC show. He’s insisted several times this year that the worst was over—only to tell viewers this month to forsake stocks entirely. “It is harder to get it right than any... More »

Cramer: I Was Being Responsible!

Mad guru maintains that money is safer out of Wall Street

(Newser) - Jim Cramer returned to NBC's Today Show to dismiss viewer attacks that he yelled "fire in a crowded building" by advising they pull out of Wall Street any money they need in the short term. "What happens if there is one raging?" he retorted. The "innate optimist,... More »

Sell Those Stocks! Banks Are Better: Cramer

(Newser) - The stock market is no place to keep a dollar these days, warned hollering financial guru Jim Cramer today on Mad Money. Another depression is possible and energy woes are likely, he said, so the smart investor will free up money needed in the next 5 years by selling stock.... More »

Nothing Funny About This Money

Star-studded heist comedy offers few laughs

(Newser) - Even Oscar-caliber talent like Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah can't save Mad Money, about three cash-strapped women who join forces to pull off the perfect heist. The movie, which also stars Katie Holmes, "fails to hit the stratosphere," Stephen Schaefer writes in the Boston Herald, because it "... More »

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