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Limbaugh Fights Back With 'Rush Babes'

He launches Facebook group for conservative women

(Newser) - Updates in the Rush Limbaugh chronicles:
  • Rush Babes: He has created the National Organization for Rush Babes to tweak the National Organization for Women, which is continuing to encourage advertisers to bail on him in the wake of the Sandra Fluke story , reports Yahoo News . NORB is a Facebook page
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Rush Limbaugh: 'I'm God's Gift to Women'

Host says 'NAGs' at National Organization for Women love him

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh giddily chided the National Organization for Women—or, as the ever-sensitive shock jock routinely refers to it, the "NAGs," meaning "National Association of Gals"—yesterday for a statement president Terry O'Neill made rejoicing in the political conflict surrounding the conservative radio host. "... More »

Pregnant Woman Ordered to Leave Bar

I was humiliated, says water-swilling mom-to-be

(Newser) - Note to bouncers: Proximity to other people's drinks won't harm a fetus. An Illinois woman says she was ordered to leave a bar after a bouncer noticed she was heavily pregnant. She had flown to town that day for a friend's baby shower, but her night out lasted just 15... More »

KFC's Butt Ads Slammed as Sexist

Double Down ad campaign on buns labeled 'obnoxious'

(Newser) - Women's groups are crying foul over the location of KFC's latest ad campaign. The company is recruiting shapely college women to act as "human billboards" and hand out coupons for the Double Down sandwich while wearing sweatpants with the product's logo emblazoned on the rear. "It's so obnoxious... More »

Abortion Activists Mobilize Against Stupak-Pitts

Aim is to kill bill in Senate, or back in House, at any cost

(Newser) - Abortion rights activists are organizing a massive grassroots effort and targeting lawmakers to ensure the hated Stupak-Pitts Amendment never reaches the president’s desk. The coalition of groups is first meeting with senators and organizing a phone drive and petition to keep the House language out of the Senate's bill.... More »

NOW Backs Palin Against Dave—With a 'But'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has a new ally in her feud with David Letterman: the National Organization for Women. "The sexualization of girls and women in the media is reaching new lows these days," NOW says on its website, taking particular offense at Letterman's remark about Palin looking like a... More »

Facing Palin, 6 Women's Groups Endorse Obama

NOW gives Dem its first nod since Ferraro

(Newser) - Six women's rights groups endorsed Barack Obama for president yesterday, asserting the historic selection of Sarah Palin does not make up for John McCain's lack of support on issues important to women. One of those groups was the National Organization for Women, which has not endorsed a presidential candidate since... More »

Feminist Group Slams Kennedy for Obama Pick

Endorsement is 'the ultimate betrayal' of women, advocate says

(Newser) - Feminists denounced Ted Kennedy today for endorsing Barack Obama, calling it "the ultimate betrayal," the Times Union reports. The National Organization for Women's New York chapter released a statement that Kennedy has "joined the list of progressive white men who can't or won't handle the prospect of... More »

Matthews: Hillary Jab Was 'Nasty'

Beleaguered Hardball host backs down from anti-Hillary remarks

(Newser) - It took protesters outside NBC's studios, a letter of complaint signed by Gloria Steinem, and a little pressure from on high, but after 10 days Hardball host Chris Matthews backed down from sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton, the Washington Post reports. He admitted last night that saying Clinton's political career... More »

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