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Clinton, Trump Enter Home Stretch

Campaigns had 4 planes at same Ohio airport

(Newser) - Labor Day marks the traditional start of fall campaigning, and it looks like the people of Ohio have two months of being blitzed by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to look forward to. Both campaigns focused on the state Monday, and at one point, the four planes of the candidates... More »

New GOP Tactic: Volunteers Paid With 'Secret Money'

Citizens United ruling enables groups to pay volunteers

(Newser) - The vast infusion of money into political nonprofits has fueled a new development in GOP campaigning: groups that pay people to canvass and make phone calls, Politico reports. Such jobs come with hourly pay of up to $15 and perks like drawings to stay in a "posh hotel,"... More »

Obama Campaign App Tracks Down Democrats

Map shows nearest 'blue' households for canvassers: ProPublica

(Newser) - Click a button on your iPhone and locate the nearest… Democrat? A new app unveiled by the Obama campaign displays a Google map speckled with blue flags representing the closest registered Democratic households to where you're standing, reports ProPublica . Each blue flag is accompanied by a first name, age,... More »

Bill Clinton: Let Obama Finish the Job

Stumps for one-time nemesis Jerry Brown, rallies Dems

(Newser) - Bill Clinton gave dazed Democrats a swift kick last night, telling California voters to get out the vote, lest they commit "malpractice on your own future." Stumping for onetime nemesis and would-be governor Jerry Brown, the former president told a UCLA rally to give President Obama and Democrats... More »

You'd Have to Be Crazy to Want to Run for Office

That's why we've got such dopey candidates

(Newser) - Here’s the state of politics today: In Connecticut, we have a guy who lied about serving in Vietnam running against a woman who used to run the WWE. America has, in short, a total dearth of “convincing or even plausible candidates,” and it’s easy to figure... More »

Hidden Camera Catches Political Foe Stealing Signs

Sheriff is investigating late-night pilfering

(Newser) - Geez, if you're going to steal your political opponent's campaign signs in the age of YouTube, at least wear a mask. A hidden camera caught one candidate for a state House seat in Florida stealing his rival's signs at night, reports the Pensacola News Journal . The sheriff's department is investigating... More »

Sarah Palin Will Campaign for McCain, Bachmann

Fox personality keen on 'commonsense conservative principles of liberty'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is buoyed by the Republicans’ “truly amazing” win in Massachusetts yesterday, and is prepared to stump for GOP candidates in this year’s midterm elections. The erstwhile Alaska governor singles out particular candidates in a Facebook post, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, and... More »

Michelle Could Be Dems' Secret Weapon

First lady may well return to campaigning for midterm elections

(Newser) - Though Michelle Obama has taken on junk food rather than Republicans during her first year in the White House, the first lady is popular—so much so that tongues are already wagging at the Hill about how useful a weapon she'll be in the Democrats' 2010 arsenal. Obama is “... More »

Dems to Palin: 'No Thanks on Campaign Help'

Polled on idea, they give 'awkward' responses

(Newser) - Sarah Palin recently said she’d be up for campaigning for some Democrats, but the interest doesn’t appear mutual, Politico reports: Many dove for cover upon being asked. “That’s a new one on me,” said a Georgia rep before ducking into an elevator. “There may... More »

Palin Plans Return to National Stage

Ex-Guv will campaign for any 'nonpartisans' who share her views

(Newser) - Sarah Palin plans to spend her post-gubernatorial free time traveling the nation, stumping for "nonpartisan" politicians. She'll support those "who believe in the right things, regardless of their party label or affiliation," she tells the Washington Times in an exclusive interview. But Palin's plans will only work... More »

You Said You Wanted (Campaign) Revolution ...

2008 changes US elections forever

(Newser) - Campaign drama has overshadowed the fact that 2008 has permanently changed the way elections are fought in America, the New York Times reports. From now on, supporters will be organized in new ways and funds will be raised differently, due primarily to brave new media worlds. With the help of... More »

Robo-Calls Invade, But Can They Conquer?

Automatic calls can backfire, too

(Newser) - As Election Day looms, America's phones are ringing off the hook. Voters—especially in swing states—have received hundreds of millions of robocalls this year. But voters, curious about the novelty calls 10 years ago, increasingly associate them with ugly scare tactics. "Next week Robo-Call supposed to tell black... More »

Hasselbeck to Stump for Palin

(Newser) - Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been invited to bring her spunky conservatism to the stump with Sarah Palin, the New York Daily News reports. Hasselbeck will take off for Florida this weekend to join the GOP veep pick on a tour around the state. “I will be flying there to travel... More »

Out of the Spotlight, Biden Battles On

The other No. 2 has been pulverizing McCain with gusto in swing states

(Newser) - He may be getting less press attention than Sarah Palin's pets but there's another vice-presidential candidate in this race and he's been blasting John McCain all across the Rust Belt, the New York Times reports. Joe Biden barely mentions Palin in his fiery speeches to crowds of varying size, but... More »

Obama Steps Up Assault on McCain

Candidate to go on the attack as party frets about Palin

(Newser) - The Barack Obama campaign kicks off its leaner, meaner approach today, reports the New York Times, going on the offensive with a New Hampshire speech and new ads in an attempt to wrest momentum back from the GOP. The candidate's strategists say it has long been the plan to get... More »

Obama's 'Lipstick on a Pig' Jab Draws GOP Squeals

Candidate accused of smearing Palin

(Newser) - John McCain's campaign has accused Barack Obama of bringing politics down to barnyard level after he compared its talk of change to "putting lipstick on a pig," the New York Post reports. McCain representatives charged that the line was a thinly veiled personal attack on Sarah Palin, and... More »

Hard to Know Which Gaffes Will Hurt Most

Goofs slid off Biden, but Gore and Quayle were ruined

(Newser) - Joe Biden’s reference to Barack Obama as “clean” won’t do the Democrats much harm. But Obama’s description of religious, rural folk as “bitter” just might. You just never know which political gaffes will do the most harm, Jonathan Alter writes in Newsweek. “Modern campaigns... More »

Campaign Hazards: Cindy Sprains Wrist Shaking Hands

Supporter exacerbates existing condition

(Newser) - Cindy McCain ended up with a mild wrist sprain today after an overeager supporter shook her hand with a little too much vigor at a fundraiser, the Washington Post reports. McCain ended up in a Michigan hospital for X-rays and is now wearing an arm sling that should cut down... More »

Group Hangs Up on Celebrity Robocalls

Prerecorded political messages from stars irk many voters

(Newser) - Not everyone is starstruck by phone calls from Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay-Z, or Scarlett Johansson. The appeals to get out and vote are prerecorded messages known as "robocalls," which have become the cheapest and most popular form of political advertising, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Now a... More »

Va. Joins Ranks of Swing States

(Newser) - Buoyed by recent Democratic gains in Virginia and President Bush's unpopularity, Barack Obama is taking aim at the once reliably red stronghold, the Washington Post reports. John McCain’s campaign is optimistic that he will carry the state, which Bush won twice by wide margins, but a top adviser cautions... More »

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