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Beethoven Sleuths: Old Sheet Shows How He Worked

'He writes a line, crosses it out. It's in pencil then written over in ink.'

(Newser) - Appraiser Brendan Ryan was at a house in Greenwich, Conn., to take a look at furniture and other items the owner wanted to sell, but it was a framed document hanging on a wall that caught his attention. "I said to myself, 'Oh my God, that's Beethoven,... More »

Kennedy Cousin Granted Bail

Michael Skakel expected to be released shortly

(Newser) - The Kennedy cousin convicted of murdering his neighbor in 1975 will soon be free on bail. Michael Skakel was granted bail of $1.2 million today, and he was expected to be freed shortly, the AP reports. He'll have to stay in Connecticut and wear a GPS tracker, the... More »

Leona's Mansion Makes History: Price Drops $50M

(Newser) - The asking price for the late real estate magnate-cum-jailbird Leona Helmsley’s Connecticut mansion has been slashed by $50 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 40-acre Greenwich property is now offered for $75 million, down from $125 million. Insiders think it could be the largest cut ever for a... More »

Wolfe: Stars Went to Hedge Funds Long Ago

Tom Wolfe watches as the Masters of the Universe flee New York for Greenwich hedges

(Newser) - Tom Wolfe has been fielding a lot of questions about where the Wall Street crisis leaves the Masters of the Universe now, writes the author of the seminal book about the excesses of 1980s traders in the New York Times. But, he notes, the real investment banking superstars left for... More »

Rich Grouse as FAA Moves to Reroute Jets

Residents of tony suburbs fight plan to decongest air traffic

(Newser) - Wealthy Northeasterners are fighting FAA plans to decongest air traffic by rerouting jets, sending them over many upscale suburbs, reports USA Today. The FAA says it can cut delays by 20% and save airlines $285 million by fixing routes around New York and Philadelphia, but the rich and politically connected... More »

Blaze Ravages London Clipper

A fire ravaged the historic Cutty Sark in Greenwich, London this morning

(Newser) - A fire ripped through London's historic Cutty Sark early this morning, nearly destroying the 138-year-old tea clipper. But an ongoing £25 million restoration saved the ship, which has drawn 15 million tourists to its south-east London dock since it opened in 1957. Much of its structural foundation, including its... More »

6 Stories