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Greenwald Quits Guardian to Start News Site

Glenn Greenwald says it's a 'dream journalistic opportunity'

(Newser) - Glenn Greenwald , the journalist who made the UK's Guardian a must-read in America by breaking major NSA scoops, is leaving the paper for a new media organization. Greenwald says he had not intended to announce his departure just yet, but the news was revealed by BuzzFeed yesterday. "... More »

WikiLeaks Shifting Media Balance of Power

New kind of 'global investigative journalism' emerging

(Newser) - WikiLeaks' document dumps are pushing old media into a new role, a Politico analysis finds. Papers like the Guardian and the New York Times—which was left out of the latest round of leaks after publishing a profile critical of Julian Assange —are starting to work together across borders... More »

Sulzberger: We'll Stop Printing Times, 'Date TBD'

It's coming 'sometime in the future'

(Newser) - This from Arthur Sulzberger Jr.: "We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD." OK, "this sounds obvious," writes Henry Blodget at Business Insider , "but it's a big deal." Unless the paper finds a "sugar-daddy," it will... More »

Twitter Will Make You Smarter

Like other new media, site beefs up brain if used wisely

(Newser) - It's fashionable to cry about how Twitter and other new forms of electronic media are making us intellectually lazy and downright stupid. In fact, the opposite is true, writes Harvard's Steven Pinker. "Don’t rail at PowerPoint or Google," he writes. "It’s not as if habits... More »

NPR, Economist Thrive in 'Netherworld' of Analysis

Pace, volume of new media requires explanatory outlets

(Newser) - In an environment where newspapers, newsweeklies, and TV news are losing market share like sinking ships, NPR and the Economist are thriving. Why? Well, posits Ezra Klein, the explosion of Internet news threw small-pond big fish into the ocean. Those who couldn’t keep up turned to opinion, creating a... More »

Meet the New Media, Same as the Old Media

Blogging turns from amateur calling to corporate career

(Newser) - It’s become obligatory for internet philosophers to crow about how blogs have democratized the press and allowed average joes to beat big media, but it’s just not true anymore, writes Benajamin Carlson of the Atlantic. “The free-wheeling fraternal spirit of blogging has become increasingly subject to market... More »

Online Newspaper Payment Plan in the Works—at Google

Revolutionary model slated for completion within a year

(Newser) - Newspapers are getting help figuring out how to charge for online content from an unusual source: archnemesis Google. The online giant says it's developing a "micropayment" model that should be ready in the next year, reports Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab. "The idea is to allow viable payments of... More »

Obama Losing Battle of Old Media, New Media

New media derails dream of new politics

(Newser) - Barack Obama burst onto the scene as a unifying figure, someone who was supposed to end divisiveness and transform political dialogue. But these days, the rancor is as high as ever, and an administration known for its new-media savvy is taking it on the chin regularly from the blogosphere and... More »

Finke Has Hollywood Running Scared

(Newser) - Few people in Hollywood have ever seen the hermit-like Nikki Finke, but they fear her anyway, David Carr reports in the New York Times. Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily blog has become essential reading for tinseltown players, a source of scoops and gossip that afflict the powerful. "In a... More »

At Sun Valley, Media Moguls Will Obsess on Paid Content

(Newser) - From Rupert Murdoch to Twitter founder Evan Williams, moguls old and young descend on Sun Valley, Idaho, this week for an annual summit on media and technology. This year, reports the Financial Times, the dominant question concerns paid content—a debate that has spread from the troubled newspaper industry to... More »

Jackson Death Boosts New Media, Troubles Old

Mainstream media overwhelmed by stories from the blogosphere

(Newser) - The onslaught of rumors, reports, and sometimes-true-sometimes-not stories about Michael Jackson has given a boost to new media sites like TMZ—which ran more than 150 Jackson stories in the week after his death—while mainstream press finds itself painstakingly sifting through stories to find the truth. “This is... More »

Anderson vs. Gladwell: The Battle Over Free

Anderson's new book sets off old-school journalists' feud

(Newser) - Chris Anderson's new book, Free, examining the repercussions the Internet trend of bringing costs to zero, triggered a mini-war with Malcolm Gladwell, who lambasted him for arguing that "the New York Times should be staffed by volunteers, like Meals on Wheels." In the London Times, Antonia Senior does... More »

China, Cuba Censor News From Iran

(Newser) - Authoritarian regimes around the world, including Burma, China, and Cuba, have been censoring some or all news coverage from Iran, afraid the rebellious sentiment may spread, the Washington Post reports. But news is trickling through anyway, inspiring small acts of defiance. In China, political bloggers have compared it to the... More »

TMZ Scoops World on Jackson Death

(Newser) - TMZ left its more savory rivals in the dust yesterday, reporting Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest and death before any other media outlet, the Chicago Tribune reports. The AOL gossip website reported Jackson’s death at 2:44 local time, less than 20 minutes after the singer expired. But many... More »

Ballmer: Old Media Won't Last a Decade

Microsoft boss says papers, TV won't bounce back

(Newser) - The ad revenue media companies lost in the downturn won't be coming back when things turn around, Steve Ballmer told an advertising conference yesterday. The Microsoft boss said the industry has been "reset" at a lower level, and media companies are going to have to learn to survive on... More »

Obama Looooves the Times

(Newser) - Barack Obama is a friend of new or non-traditional media—he’s given interviews for Univision, and called on reporters from the Huffington Post or, for example, Politico. But his true love is the Gray Lady. Unlike their predecessors, Obama and his administration treat the New York Times with utter... More »

With News, 'We Get What We Pay For'

Sick media must not die

(Newser) - We know the mainstream media is sick, but it doesn’t have to die, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times. When television appeared, people worried it would eat movies, Broadway, and radio; all these forms still exist, having “learned to adapt and to collaborate with the monster.... More »

New Media Make CBS' $6B NCAA Deal a Slam Dunk

'Crazy' contract could prove savvy

(Newser) - In 1999, CBS’ $6 billion, 11-year pact with the NCAA for rights to the men’s basketball tournament looked drastically overpriced to many analysts. But with Selection Sunday this weekend, the deal doesn’t seem so crazy, thanks to a prescient addition: new-media rights. CBS has nearly sold out its... More »

HuffPo Worth $200M? Em, More Like $2M

Comparing site to Salon's performance deflates the hype

(Newser) - The Huffington Post stunned the media world when it scooped up $25 million last month from Oak Investment Partners for an undisclosed stake, but industry tongue-waggers who put the uberblog's value between $100 million and $200 million are full of it, writes Simon Dumenco in AdAge. To "anybody with... More »

SAG to Hold Strike Vote as Talks Collapse

Actors, producers battle over internet profits as economy crumbles

(Newser) - The Screen Actors Guild will seek a strike authorization vote from members following a breakdown in two days of contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, reports Variety.  If approved, the SAG action would be the second major Hollywood strike of the year, following a... More »

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