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It Cost $648K to Save Her. Here's Why That Didn't Ruin Her

Molly Osberg on the illness that nearly killed her

(Newser) - It cost $648,221.53 to keep Molly Osberg alive. Well, it didn't personally cost her that much. The cut insurance had her pay was $2,654.42, and in a long piece for Splinter , she does two things: chart her extreme and sudden illness, and make the case... More »

As Doctor's Age Climbs, So Does Patient Death Rate

Researchers say finding is 'clinically important'

(Newser) - Having a more experienced doctor might not be best. That's the message from a Harvard Medical School study published in the British Medical Journal that appears to show patient mortality rate increases with the age of a doctor. The increase is small but significant: In a study of more... More »

Couple Billed $39.35 to Hold Newborn Son

Utah hospital charged for "skin to skin" contact after C-section

(Newser) - A Utah couple got a surprise—and a laugh—when they got the bill for the birth of their son, Samuel. Tucked below the charge for "Delivery C Section" was a $39.35 fee for "skin to skin," their fee for getting to hold the baby after... More »

Charity's Free Eye Surgery Leaves 24 Blind

Indian police open investigation after cataract operations

(Newser) - Authorities ordered an investigation today after at least 24 poor and elderly people went blind following cataract surgeries performed at a free medical camp run by a charity in northern India. The operations were performed in early November on 130 patients who were all older than 50 and living in... More »

VA Hospital Delays Are Killing Veterans

Report obtained by CNN shows at least 19 dead due to lengthy waits

(Newser) - Some pretty grim news courtesy of a Veterans Affairs internal report on patients diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and 2011 that CNN obtained: Delays at VA hospitals are killing veterans. At least 19 have died because of delays in medical screenings; they're part of a group of 82 vets... More »

Ron Paul: Education, Medical Care Aren't Rights

They are 'things that you have to earn'

(Newser) - Neither education nor medical care are rights, Rep. Ron Paul told MSNBC—they’re "things that you have to earn." Host Cenk Uygur asked Paul whether the government should give "a helping hand" to a hypothetical poor child in his district who couldn't afford tuition, to which... More »

Docs Warn of Looming Public Health Crisis

Infection, thirst, hunger, heat threaten earthquake survivors

(Newser) - The death toll from the Haiti earthquake, which currently stands at 50,000, is certain to rise as the country's shattered infrastructure keeps medical professionals and relief workers from reaching people who need their help. "There are already high levels of diarrheal disease, respiratory disease and malnutrition," a... More »

US Doesn't Need More Doctors

That makes the problem worse; we need better primary care

(Newser) - Teaching hospitals want to increase the number of medical residencies financed by the federal government by 15,000 from the current 100,000. Seems to makes sense: More doctors makes for a healthier nation, right? Wrong, write Shannon Brownlee and David Goodman. In fact, it would only make the nation's... More »

Temp Firms Keep Hiring Lousy Nurses

They skimp on background checks in lucrative industry

(Newser) - Agencies that supply hospitals with temporary nurses skimp on background checks and allow incompetent workers to move from one facility to the next, reports ProPublica. The reason? The nation's chronic shortage of nurses has created a lucrative $4 billion industry with little oversight. The investigation documents cases of nurses with... More »

Senators Tweet It Out Over 'Death Panels'

Specter accuses Grassley of spreading false info

(Newser) - Arlen Specter and Chuck Grassley engaged in a very 21st-century sniping match today, ABC's Jake Tapper reports. The 79-year-old Pennsylvania Democrat took to Twitter to accuse the 75-year-old Iowa Republican of spreading "myths about health care reform and imaginary ‘death panels.' " He was referring to comments... More »

To Fix Health Care, End Health Insurance

(Newser) - Everybody's thinking small on health care reform, writes David Goldhill in the Atlantic. Our system is so abysmal—the headline on his lengthy piece is "How American Health Care Killed My Father"—that it needs a radical restructuring, and that should start with insurance. Let's just stop buying... More »

GOP Backed 'Death Panels' 2003

End-of-life counseling provided in Medicare bill

(Newser) - They’re up in arms against it now, but Republicans voted for a measure providing end-of-life counseling in 2003, Amy Sullivan writes for Time. That year’s Medicare prescription drug bill, which boasted support from 204 GOP representatives and 42 senators, offered funding for “counseling the beneficiary with respect... More »

These Kooks Aren't Fooling Anyone

(Newser) - The “wild-eyed rants” reverberating through town hall meetings are pretty amusing. But do Republicans “really think the country is dopey enough to mistake microwave mobs staging Potemkin village protests” for actual American rage, asks Scot Lehigh of the Boston Globe. “If so, they’re delusional.” These... More »

Reform? We Need a Revolution

(Newser) - Diane McWhorter’s experience with a doctor caring for her elderly mother has her hoping for more than health care reform. “Socialized medicine, hell,” she writes on DoubleX. “How about a cultural revolution?” Her mom’s doctor, due for a vacation, dumped her on a “hospitalist”... More »

Autism's Secret: The Kids Grow Up

(Newser) - Autistic children do something that most medical research on the subject rarely addresses: They grow up, Karl Taro Greenfeld writes in Time. The brother of autistic, 42-year-old Noah, Greenfeld recounts the struggles of shuffling a low-functioning autistic between state facilities, visiting him, worrying about him, and watching him degenerate... More »

Hospitals Scramble to Fend Off Nursing Shortage

(Newser) - US hospitals are running short of nurses as the high-pressure work pushes many to walk out, the AP reports. With little on-the-job training, one in five are quitting in less than a year—forcing hospitals to invest in residency programs to try to keep them. "It really was, 'Throw... More »

Cruise: Jett's Death 'Horrific'

Actor slams 'false' accusations against Scientology

(Newser) - Tom Cruise mourns the sudden death of John Travolta’s son and defends Scientology in an appearance on The View taped to air tomorrow, ABC News reports. "It's just horrific. Here you have a man, both of them doting parents, they're wonderful people and…” Cruise says, trailing off.... More »

'Conscience' Rule Threatens to Reignite Abortion Battle

Bush's last-minute new rule for medical workers sparks controversy

(Newser) - An expanded "right of conscience" rule for medical workers planned by the Bush administration could hand Barack Obama a major battle over medical ethics, the Los Angeles Times reports. Doctors and nurses can already legally refuse to perform abortions, but the new rule would allow any health care worker... More »

US Military Showing Softer Side

Greater emphasis on humanitarian operations seen by some as 'out of whack'

(Newser) - Despite recent focus on shooting wars, the Defense Department has tweaked the core mission of US armed forces to promote “soft power,” such as humanitarian aid, the Boston Globe reports. Some civilian onlookers say the foreign policy is “out of whack,” and “too dominated by... More »

China Death Toll Nears 40,000

Foreign medical workers arrive as focus shifts toward aiding survivors

(Newser) - The official quake death toll climbed to nearly 40,000 in China’s Sichuan province today, the Guardian reports, as foreign medical teams and equipment arrived on the scene. Relief efforts began shifting away from finding survivors to aiding the more than 200,000 injured and 5 million left homeless.... More »

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