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9.5 in 10 American Prosecutors Are White

60% of states have zero black prosecutors

(Newser) - White men make up just 31% of the US population , but they enjoy a much higher percentage among elected prosecutors' ranks: 79%, while whites in general comprise a staggering 95% of all elected prosecutors nationwide, reports the New York Times . An analysis by the Women Donors Network parsed the database... More »

SNL to Cast Black Woman —and Soon

Final auditions pegged for Monday

(Newser) - It looks like Saturday Night Live's lack of diversity may soon be solved, at least partially: Since ribbing itself for not having a black female cast member, the show has confirmed it will add an African-American woman (possibly even two) to the cast as soon as next month, the... More »

Kerry Washington Ribs Ultra-White SNL

Show pokes itself over lack of black female on cast

(Newser) - Kerry Washington guest-hosted SNL last night, and helped the show razz itself over its decided lack of black female cast members (SNL does have two black male cast members, Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson): In a Cold Open set at the White House, Washington played Michelle Obama. Then Oprah. Then... More »

We're More Diverse Than MSNBC: Tea Party to Olbermann

Dallas Tea Party challenges host to come to an event after put-down

(Newser) - Criticize the tea party from afar, and you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with its members shortly thereafter: The Dallas Tea Party has challenged Keith Olbermann to take a firsthand look at what the movement is really about after the MSNBC host criticized its lack of diversity. “How many... More »

Blindingly White MSNBC Guilty of Hypocrisy

'Monochromatic' commentators shouldn't slam Palin crowds

(Newser) - MSNBC commentators sneering at the lack of minorities lining up to buy Sarah Palin's book should start their quest for diversity a little closer to home, writes Michelle Malkin . Take a look at Chris Matthews and Norah O'Donnell, who complained about the "monochromatic" Palin crowds, and the MSNBC lineup... More »

Sunday Morning Shows: Parade of the White Dudes

Morning talk doesn't show as much diversity as the nation does

(Newser) - As women and minorities increasingly head up the US government, Face the Nation isn't showing a very accurate sample of the nation's faces anymore, and This Week is looking more like Last Century. Across the Sunday morning political shows, 80% of the guests are white, and 80% are men, reports... More »

Is Obama Black or Biracial?

Historic candidacy raises questions about race

(Newser) - Barack Obama is being widely hailed as the first black candidate to clinch a presidential nomination, but that's not entirely accurate, Jason Carroll writes for CNN. Obama, son of a black father and white mother, is actually biracial. He self-identifies as black, and some argue that by labeling him as... More »

¿Como Se Dice ‘Caucus’ En Español?

Nevada's booming diversity makes it a whole new ballgame from Iowa or NH

(Newser) - Iowa and New Hampshire may get most of the crowning glory, but Nevada's demographics make its "First in the West" contest a significant political battleground, the Las Vegas Sun says. As the state caucused today, the hometown paper polishes off the differences between the Silver State and its two... More »

8 Stories