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83-Year-Old Yacht Wins Trans-Pacific Race

...a feat it last pulled off in 1936

(Newser) - The boat that won this year's Transpacific Yacht Race was a feared competitor on the cutting edge of sailboat design … back in 1936, when it won the race for the first time. This time, the Dorade was a much less likely winner. When he bought the boat for... More »

Millionaire Missing From Florida Yacht

Guma Aguiar's empty yacht runs aground in Fort Lauderdale

(Newser) - A Florida millionaire's yacht came ashore this week—without the millionaire. Fort Lauderdale police are hunting for Brazilian-born Guma Aguiar after his empty yacht beached with the ignition running and lights on. The Coast Guard suspended its search yesterday after 70 hours hunting for the missing man in vain,... More »

Coast Guard Calls Off Search in 'Hoax' Yacht Explosion

No sign of reported explosion off Jersey

(Newser) - Coast Guard officials convinced of a hoax have called off a search for survivors launched in response to a distress call that a yacht exploded 17 miles off the Jersey shore. A flotilla of emergency response boats and helicopters found no evidence of an accident, including debris or injured passengers,... More »

Santa Claus Robs Rhode Island Yacht Club

Bursts into bar with sack, steals cash

(Newser) - Call it a ho-ho-holdup: a man dressed as Santa Claus has robbed a Rhode Island yacht club. Authorities say a bartender was alone last night when a large man wearing a red suit, red hat, and white beard and carrying a sack walked into the bar and brandished a gun. More »

Whale Crashes Into Yacht, but All Ends Well

Neither the boaters nor the whale came out injured

(Newser) - A couple from South Africa was out for a relaxing Sunday sail when they got much more than they bargained for—in the form of a 40-ton whale. They were admiring the whale flipping its tail around the boat when it briefly disappeared. The woman's boyfriend then told her to... More »

Sailors Say Iranian Lockup Wasn't So Bad

British yacht crew says they were scared, but treated well

(Newser) - The five British yachtsmen Iran captured en route to Dubai say they have no complaints about their treatment. The sailors described their ordeal at a news conference today, saying they were held in a “perfectly reasonable room,” where they played chess and darts and were exceedingly well nourished.... More »

Iran Seizes 5 British Yacht Crew Members

Vessel nabbed en route from Bahrain to race in Dubai

(Newser) - Iran is holding five British sailors after stopping their racing yacht in the Persian Gulf, the British government said today. The yacht, owned by Sail Bahrain, was stopped on its way from the tiny island country to Dubai on Wednesday when it "may have strayed inadvertently into Iranian waters,... More »

Sailor's Widow Stunned She Survived Pirate Attack

Victim made gestures asking if pirates planned to kill her

(Newser) - A British grandmother was trussed "naked like a chicken" in her sailboat cabin while pirates beat her husband with hammers and slit his throat off the coast of Thailand, she told the Times of London. Three men "tied and gagged me, then went toward the forward cabin,"... More »

Pirates Kill Brit Yachtsman

Wife hears sounds of a scuffle, then silence

(Newser) - A British yachtsman was killed off the coast of Thailand by three fisherman-pirates who locked his wife in the cabin, reports the Times of London. The body of the vacationing 64-year-old businessman was not found, but police believe he was thrown overboard after his throat was cut. His wife managed... More »

Photog Must Pay Damages for Diana Make-Out Shots

Dodi's dad gets $6,000 for privacy breach

(Newser) - A British photographer has been ordered to pay damages for snapping shots of Princess Diana kissing boyfriend Dodi Fayed. A Paris court levied $6,000 in fines and $8,000 in damages to be paid to Dodi's dad, Mohamed Al Fayed, owner of the yacht where the the two were... More »

Saddam's Love Boat Sets Sale

Iraqi ruler had a thing for luxurious, bulletproof cruise ships

(Newser) - Saddam Hussein’s secret pleasure super-yacht can be yours—yes, yours!—for just $34 million. Moored off the French Riviera, away from the pesky bombers that destroyed the late dictator's other yacht, the Ocean Breeze was put up for sale last week by a British brokerage firm, the New ... More »

America's Cup Lacks Americans

Larry Ellison's $400 million for naught as team implodes

(Newser) - After a decisive 5-1 defeat by Italy's Luna Rossi, BMW Oracle Racing's leadership is in doubt; for the final race, owner Larry Ellison grounded skipper Chris Dickson, whose dictatorial style is said to have chafed the crew. Aided by the futuristic USA98, the underachieving Oracle team was predicted to challenge... More »

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