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Jindal Slams 'Dishonest' Health Plan

Dems' current version as bad as Hillarycare, Louisiana gov writes

(Newser) - President Obama is presenting health care reform as a bipartisan effort, but, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal writes in the Wall Street Journal, he and fellow Democrats have taken “a fundamentally dishonest approach to reform.” Obama is “repeating the mistakes” of Hillarycare, forcing Americans to join a public... More »

As Hearings Begin, Daschle Wary of Clinton Miscues

Obama health chief to push early, at grassroots, with congressional input

(Newser) - Tom Daschle, Barack Obama’s health-care honcho, saw the 1993 Clinton-care debacle up close; his strategy for passing reform this time around is basically Anything But Clinton, reports Politico. The Clinton push, Daschle thinks, came too far into the first term, and was too exclusive, presenting Congress a completed proposal... More »

Babs: Obama's Like Buttah

Longtime Clintonite says when Barack clinched nomination, switch was 'immediate'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton may have been her first choice, but Barbra Streisand’s switch to Barack Obama after he wrapped up the nomination was “immediate”—and she's not too keen on Clinton-backers considering crossing the aisle. In an interview with Politico, she lays into John McCain on women’s... More »

Clinton: 'Shame on You, Barack'

Hillary slams Obama over health care claim

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton blasted Barack Obama today over a campaign mailer that she called “right out of Karl Rove’s play book.” “Shame on you, Barack Obama,” she said, brandishing a flier—which she says falsely accuses her of wanting to force people to buy health insurance.... More »

Hillary Unveils Second Shot at Health Reform

Critics attack plan as 'bad medicine' no more viable than 1994 effort

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton unveiled her new plan for universal health care today—13 years after her failed first attempt to reform the American system. The proposal requires coverage for all uninsured Americans and offers tax credits for those who can't afford insurance while still keeping private companies in the picture. "... More »

Hillary Wants Feds, Employers to Share Tab

Follows failed '93 bid with compromise health plan tomorrow

(Newser) - Details of Hillary’s health plan are leaking out before she formally announces them Monday in Iowa. Rather than re-making the system – or imitating her 1993 proposal – she wants the Feds to subsidize some care and employers to pay for the rest. The Wall Street Journal reports that... More »

'Hillarycare' Wasn’t Her Bad

Key player blames Bill for 1993’s failed health plan

(Newser) - As Hillary Clinton gets set to roll out her new health care proposal, Paul Starr in the American Prospect wans to correct the record on her last, disastrous effort. Hillary gets all the flak for the 1993 flameout, but the mistakes are grossly misdiagnosed—and they belong to Bill, says... More »

Prying Eyes Won't Get to Hillary’s Papers

Rivals refused access to first lady's records in Clinton Library

(Newser) - Nearly 2 million pages of documents from Hillary Clinton’s years as first lady are sealed at the Clinton Presidential Library, and an eager opposition is chomping at the bit to get to them. Archivists say the documents—including appointment logs and memos—won’t be released before next year’... More »

Health Care Isn't a Third Rail Anymore

Dems eady to tackle universal health care again—and GOP is notably silent

(Newser) - Thirteen years after Hillary-Care, politicians are ready to think big again about the US health care system, the Wall Street Journal reports. Skyrocketing costs and the rising ranks of the uninsured are combining to form a climate where candidates feel that they can tackle the issue without political backlash—even... More »

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