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Parents Suing Apple Over 'Addictive' Kid Apps

Judge give class action suit go-ahead

(Newser) - A group of parents are angry with Apple for toying with their kids. Their class-action lawsuit attacking the company for luring clueless children with "addictive," expensive game apps was recently given the go-ahead by a San Jose judge . Games are "highly addictive, designed deliberately to be so,... More »

Grauman's May Relocate Some Older Star Prints

Meanwhile, critics carp about too many new Hollywood additions

(Newser) - The forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre hosts handprints of Hollywood royalty from Marilyn Monroe to Robert Pattinson. But after years of wear, some of the most iconic imprints—such as Groucho Marx's—may be moved to more protected spots, says the theater's co-owner. Meanwhile, the tourist destination... More »

Smurfs Is Smurfing Terrible

Critics slam lame kiddie comedy

(Newser) - The Smurfs have arrived in New York City, and if critics are to be believed, you should avoid the little blue things at all cost. Here's what they're saying:
  • “I wouldn't smurf Gosnell's The Smurfs on my smurfiest enemy,” writes Sean O’Connell of
... More »

Spanish Village Goes Blue for Smurfs Movie

Juzcar turned into living Smurf village for movie promotion

(Newser) - What the Smurf? Everything—and we mean everything—has been painted bright blue in Júzcar, a small town in the south of Spain, as part of Sony's marketing campaign for the new Smurfs movie, reports the Huffington Post . It took a dozen painters more than 1,000 gallons... More »

Were the Smurfs Nazis?

New book claims the little blue creatures were living in a Nazi utopia

(Newser) - Things might have been a little smurfed up in Smurf Village. The friendly blue creatures were socialists and "the embodiment of a totalitarian utopia, steeped in Stalinism and Nazism," says one French sociologist in the new book, Le Petit Livre Bleu, or The Little Blue Book. The author... More »

8 TV Shows Set to Become Movies

Hopefully, some will be better than SATC2

(Newser) - Sex and the City 2 may have gotten downright awful reviews, but that doesn’t mean you must give up hope for all future TV-to-movie projects. The Frisky takes a look at eight that are particularly exciting:
  1. The Smurfs: Seems like a terrible idea…until you hear that Neil Patrick
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Smurftastic Comeback in Works

Movie, DVD releases aim to bring blue elves to new generation

(Newser) - At age 50, and after a decade in exile, the Smurfs are planning a comeback, NPR reports, with the original series coming out on DVD and a 3-D movie expected next year. Though today’s kids have more sophisticated options than watching the repair of mushroom houses, “the Smurf... More »

Girl Power Hits Smurfland

New movie rumored to include girl Smurfs for first time

(Newser) - The Smurfs have turned 50 and made it to century 21, but some say the lack of girl Smurfs makes it old-fashioned. An upcoming Smurfs movie plans to fix the gender imbalance in Smurf society, Der Speigel reports: "There have been dramatic changes in socio-cultural values in the past... More »

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