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Lack of Sleep Can Fry 25% of Brain Cells

Study of mice finds brain damage with prolonged sleep loss

(Newser) - A lack of shut-eye may not just leave you feeling groggy—it could seriously injure your brain. A new study of mice has found 25% of brain cells died off after prolonged sleep loss, meant to duplicate night shifts or long hours at the office—the first evidence of its... More »

You Don't Need 8 Hours of Sleep ... in a Row

It's more natural to sleep in two four-hour shifts

(Newser) - If you often wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep right away, you probably call it “insomnia”—but it might actually be more natural than sleeping for eight hours straight. "The dominant pattern of sleep, arguably since time immemorial, was... More »

Six Hours of Sleep Not Enough—for Nearly All

(Newser) - Think you can get by just fine on 6 hours of sleep a night? Unless you're part of a tiny portion of the population with a mutant gene, you better tuck yourself in a little earlier, reports USA Today. A new study in Science says 97% of the population needs... More »

Erratic Sleepers Have More Health Problems: Study

Short, long hours of shuteye increase odds of smoking, obesity

(Newser) - Irregular sleep habits increase the likelihood of obesity and smoking, the AP reports. The CDC surveyed 87,000 Americans over 2 years and found that individuals who sleep fewer than 6 hours a night or more than 9 were 5% to 10% more likely to smoke and 4% to 11%... More »

Cell Phone Radiation Disrupts Sleep

Calls interfere with deep sleep, can cause confusion, study finds

(Newser) - Researchers have found that radiation from cell phones can cause sleep loss, headaches, and confusion, the Independent reports. Mobile phone manufacturers were quick to downplay the results of the new study—which they themselves funded—but sleep experts say the research backs up previous studies, and they're calling for a... More »

5 Stories