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'Almost Genocidal': Hundreds Dead in Myanmar Clashes

UN agencies barred from providing aid

(Newser) - The United Nations is warning about a possible humanitarian crisis after increased violence against a Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar. With the government claiming the Rohingya people are migrants from Bangladesh with no citizenship rights, security forces in the country have killed hundreds and destroyed their villages, reports the New ... More »

Pakistan Cops Told to Shoot Gunmen on Sight

Violence explodes in Karachi

(Newser) - With Karachi in the midst of a wave of violence, Pakistan has taken the drastic step of ordering security forces and police to shoot on sight "any armed miscreant." Over the past four days at least 71 people have been killed in Pakistan’s largest city, including 34... More »

China Executes 9 Over Uighur Riots

Executed were convicted of murder during Xinjiang province unrest

(Newser) - Nine people convicted of murder and arson during July riots in China’s Xinjiang province were executed today. Chinese news services did not identify the executed, but previous statements suggest that they are Uighurs. The riots in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region, left 197 people dead as Uighurs... More »

China Closes Urumqi Mosques, Imposes Curfew

(Newser) - Chinese authorities forced mosques in Urumqi to stay closed today and reimposed a curfew in the restive western city, reports the BBC. The curfew was lifted after thousands of troops had seemed to restore order between Han Chinese and Uighur Muslims, who have battled in the worst ethnic violence China... More »

After 26-Year War, Sri Lanka Struggles with Peace

Ethnic tensions remain as Tamil rebels lay down arms

(Newser) - The Sri Lankan government finally prevailed in its 26-year civil war with Tamil rebels with a brutal campaign, leaving thousands dead and 300,000 displaced. Now, reports the Wall Street Journal, the country must try living in peace after years of assassinations and abductions from both sides. Tamils "should... More »

Slate Scribe Gets in Syrian Street Brawl

Hitchens, two others jumped during junket

(Newser) - Three journalists—including columnist and author Christopher Hitchens—were jumped by thugs during a press junket in Beirut, reports Lawrence Osborne in a column for Forbes. Hitchens “rather gallantly insulted the swastika flag” of a “Syria-loving skinhead party called the SSNP” by scrawling an obscenity on it. He... More »

Thousands Protest South African Violence

Largest newspaper calls for president to step down for failure to stop killing

(Newser) - Thousands of South Africans marched through Johannesburg yesterday to protest anti-immigrant rampages that have claimed at least 50 lives. Carrying placards comparing the violence to apartheid, marchers brought traffic to a standstill, Reuters reports. The action was organized by labor unions and churches. The nation's largest newspaper today called for... More »

S. Africa Deploys Troops as Immigrant Killings Spike

Anti-foreigner attacks spread across South Africa

(Newser) - South African president Thabo Mbeki has summoned troops to help counter a wave of anti-immigrant violence in the country, AFP reports. Mbeki called on soldiers after police requested help quelling mob violence that has claimed 42 lives, officials said. As many as 16,000 people have been displaced by the... More »

Tough Work Awaits Kenya Lawmakers

Parliament, back in session, must figure out how to make peace deal work

(Newser) - Kenya's parliament reconvened today, the New York Times reports, and was immediately given the task of putting into law the power-sharing deal that ended the startling wave of violence that followed December's disputed election. "You must now become the ambassadors of peace and reconciliation,” President Mwai Kibaki told... More »

Kenya Gov't Linked to Militia

Officials said to have tried to enlist violent Mungiki during turmoil

(Newser) - Kenya's government might have played a direct role in sanctioning recent ethnic violence. A source tells the BBC that senior officials met with the violent Mungiki militia, with the aim of recruiting the outlawed group as a "defense force" to help protect the ethnic Kikuyu population. In January, Mungiki... More »

Kenya Agrees to Create PM Post

Power-sharing deal would prevent new round of violence

(Newser) - Kenya’s government agreed today to create a prime minister position for opposition leader  Raila Odinga—the narrow loser in a disputed election for president in December—in an effort to prevent a new round of violence from tearing the African nation apart. The details are still being hashed out,... More »

Kenya Talks Make Progress; Caution Urged

Violence down as both sides work toward reconciliation

(Newser) - Talks between the Kenyan president and the leader of the opposition are going well, and the parties have agreed in principle to a power-sharing agreement, Reuters reports. "We are making progress. Indications are that we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. We are very optimistic,... More »

Fighting Scars Smallest Kenyans

Kids witness parents' death in ethnic clashes

(Newser) - The violence in Kenya is separating droves of children from their parents—sometimes forever, the BBC reports. One Nairobi orphanage is currently hosting 60 displaced children; some wait for their parents to find them, but most know their mothers and fathers are already dead. "It's been a traumatizing experience... More »

Kenya Upheaval Could Reach 'Catastrophic Levels'

As violence continues, UN boss will join predecessor in talks

(Newser) - Kenya's political turmoil continues to wreak havoc, and it is "threatening to escalate to catastrophic levels," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today. After the killing of another member of Raila Odinga's opposition party yesterday, the country faced renewed violence, Reuters reports. The death toll has reached 850 since... More »

Slain Kenyan Pol a Key to Peace

Multi-ethnic opposition MP was would-be peacemaker

(Newser) - The Kenyan opposition lawmaker who was dragged from his car yesterday and shot to death could have been key to ending the ethnically charged turmoil, reports the New York Times, but his assassination instead further plunged the country into violent chaos. Melitus Mugabe Were had been working toward peace, able... More »

Pol's Death Sparks Kenya Battles

Odinga warns nation is slipping into anarchy

(Newser) - Army helicopters fired on crowds to protect Kenyans fleeing bloodshed and mobs torched homes and people as violence escalated today in the wake of the killing of an opposition politician, the BBC reports. At least four people were killed in a Nairobi slum after a member of opposition leader Raila... More »

'Sickening Brutality' Spreads in Kenya

Annan meets with opposition leader

(Newser) - Ethnic violence and revenge killing continued unchecked in western Kenya today, with at least 17 more people beaten, hacked, or burned to death by mobs engaged in what the BBC correspondent calls  "sickening brutality" since last month’s contested presidential election. The death toll is nearing 750, the BBC... More »

River of Blood Runs in Kenya

Toll up to 69 in latest ethnic violence

(Newser) - Kenyans were burned alive and hacked to death with machetes as raging ethnic violence in western Kenya claimed another 69 lives in the latest bloodshed since last month's controversial presidential election. Houses were in flames in the tourist getaway of Naivasha today and bodies were stacked up in the morgue... More »

3 Dead In New Kenya Violence

31 dead since anti-government rallies launched last week

(Newser) - At least three people were hacked to death with machetes and homes were set ablaze in a fresh outbreak of ethnic violence in Kenya today between President Mwai Kibaki's Kikuya group and opposition backers of Raila Odinga, Reuters reports. The deaths bring to 31 those killed since Odinga's supporters began... More »

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