moral authority

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This Is What a War Criminal Looks Like

Newly released docs show ex-deputy AG's 'depraved criminality'

(Newser) - John Yoo, who as deputy AG wrote a crucial memo justifying torture, is a war criminal, Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald bluntly argues: Newly released documents reveal "a government official who, in concert with other government officials, set out to enable a brutal and systematic torture regime, and did so.... More »

Shunning Makes a Comeback in US Churches

Pastors resurrect old practice to tame black sheep in their flocks

(Newser) - In an effort to reclaim their churches' role as moral authority, many Protestant ministers have reinstated the all-but-lost practice of shunning unrepentant sinners from their congregations. And while nobody's yet had to pin a scarlet "A" to their Sunday best, the consequences of the puritanical revival have weighed heavy... More »

2 Stories