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CIA Giving Karzai Sacks of 'Ghost Money': Report

It's said to have added up to tens of millions

(Newser) - While some American officials complain about corruption in Afghanistan, the CIA has been smoothing its relationship with President Hamid Karzai's government by dropping off suitcases, backpacks, and even plastic bags full of cash at his office every month, the New York Times finds. The payments—described as "ghost... More »

US Funds Going to Taliban

Transportation protection payoffs go to local warlords, insurgents

(Newser) - Much of the $2.16 billion spent on transportation contracts in Afghanistan went to payoffs for local warlords, including the Taliban, says a new military-led investigation revealed by the Washington Post . US forces in Afghanistan need as many as 4,000 trucks per week to move food, fuel, and weapons... More »

How the US Made Somalia a Terrorist Haven

Coalition overthrown, country is now run by al-Qaeda allies

(Newser) - Iraq and Afghanistan loom largest among the fiascos undertaken in the name of a "war on terror," Martin Fletcher writes in the Times of London, but there has been a third front in that offensive: Somalia. After 15 years of anarchy, the US helped destroy the country's first... More »

Countrywomen Rate Bhutto's Feminist Legacy

Ex-PM advanced women's rights; but not as much as hoped

(Newser) - Benazir Bhutto wasn't always a staunch defender of women's rights, but for Pakistani women the fight for gender equality is a lot tougher now that she's gone. Bhutto may have jump-started women's health care and job programs, but she missed opportunities to repeal harsh anti-egalitarian laws—failures her defenders chalk... More »

4 Stories