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Video Sting Shuts Down Cruel Slaughterhouse

Hidden camera catches calves being beaten, skinned alive

(Newser) - The Humane Society released more video yesterday from its hidden camera sting of Bushway Packing, after the USDA shut down the organic veal slaughterhouse on Friday. The footage, shot this summer, isn’t for the queasy; calves too weak to walk are dragged, kicked and shocked repeatedly, among other abuses.... More »

UK Veal Now Cool, Not Cruel

New farming standards make calf meat a newly ethical food

(Newser) - Veal is the new guilt-free meat in Britain, and everyone from top chefs to farmers and animal activists is pushing consumers to eat up. Anti-cruelty groups largely eliminated veal from the UK diet in the '90s, and as a result, dairy farmers slaughter half a million male calves and export... More »

2 Stories