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Canadian FM Apologizes for Torture List

Claims US, Israel were 'wrongly' included with other countries

(Newser) - Canadian foreign minister Maxime Bernier has apologized for the inclusion of the US and Israel on a list of countries in which prisoners risk being subjected to torture, the BBC reports. The list, part of a torture awareness guide for diplomats, cited US interrogation techniques and referred to its Guantanamo... More »

US Makes Canadian Torture List

'Torture awareness' manual for diplomats includes US, Syria, Israel, Iran

(Newser) - The US, along with China, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and Israel, is listed in an official Canadian foreign ministry document of countries where prisoners are at risk of torture, the BBC reports. The "torture awareness" training manual classifies as torture some US interrogation techniques, including forced nudity, isolation, and sleep... More »

Shrinks Fault CIA Torture Tactics

Professional group to condemn interrogation techniques

(Newser) - The American Psychological Association, long chummy with the CIA, is set to condemn tactics the spy agency has been using to interrogate terror detainees, writes Salon. Members have in the past worked with the CIA to design techniques: now the group wants to distance itself by formally opposing a long... More »

3 Stories