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Netflix Made Waves Last Night, but It Risks a Bad Fate

Netflix doesn't want to end up as the 'modern-day equivalent of direct-to-VHS'

(Newser) - It was a trifecta of entertainment last night: First came the Super Bowl, and then the battle between the highly anticipated episode of This Is Us and the premiere of a movie that no one saw coming. At Forbes , Scott Mendelson sets the stage, writing that the only people who... More »

Surprise: There's a Cloverfield Sequel

Trailer is a must-watch

(Newser) - JJ Abrams not only managed to make a sequel to Cloverfield while also working on, you know, just a few other projects including a certain big-name sequel , he managed to do so entirely in secret. The teaser trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane quietly started showing in theaters this week and... More »

Hopeless Is Hot in Hollywood

Movies and viewers love to get miserable

(Newser) - Bleak is the new chic in Tinseltown, writes Dan Zak in the Washington Post. Cloverfield's crowd-trampling monster, the psycho serial killer of No Country for Old Men, and the twisted oil entrepreneur of There Will Be Blood (need we mention the Dark Knight?) highlight the "raw misery of the... More »

Spartans Conquer Box Office

Rambo takes close 2nd as 27 Dresses and Cloverfield tumble

(Newser) - Meet the Spartans outfought Rambo to claim top spot this weekend as both flicks knocked down last week's openers, Variety reports. Spartans, a 300 spoof, banked $18.7 million while Sly Stallone's pic scored $18.2 million. 27 Dresses crumpled to third with $13.6 million as horror pic Cloverfield... More »

Cloverfield Crushes Box Office

Low-budget monster pic smashes holiday weekend records

(Newser) - Cloverfield stomped box-office records by banking an anticipated $50 million through the holiday weekend, the Los Angeles Times reports. Shining reviews and an online viral campaign drew more older fans than expected—45% were over age 25—as the low-budget monster pic smashed January and MLK holiday debuts. More »

5 Stories