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The Dutch Election Was a Bellwether, and Populism Lost

'We want to stick to the course we have—safe and stable and prosperous'

(Newser) - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Wednesday claimed a dominating parliamentary election victory over anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders, who failed the year's first litmus test for populism in Europe. The main exit poll suggested Rutte's party won 31 seats in the 150-member legislature, 12 more than Wilders' party,... More »

The Surprise Dutch-Turkish Fight, Explained

Upcoming votes in each country and far-right politician Geert Wilders at center

(Newser) - A blizzard of headlines over the past week have revolved around a spat between the Netherlands and Turkey, and seemingly at the center of them all is a far-right Dutch politician named Geert Wilders. A primer on the diplomatic fight and the stakes involved:
  • About Wilders: He leads the Party
... More »

GOP Rep Accused of White Nationalism After Tweet

Steve King praises far-right Dutch pol, rails against 'somebody else's babies'

(Newser) - GOP Rep. Steve King, who recently courted controversy by trying to keep Harriet Tubman off the $20 bill , found himself at the center of new outrage Sunday when he brought Twitter "to a screeching halt" with what the BBC calls an "inflammatory" post complimenting far-right Dutch politician Geert... More »

Populist Dutch Lawmaker Guilty of Hate Speech

Geert Wilders convicted for inciting discrimination

(Newser) - A populist and anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker was found guilty Friday of insulting and inciting discrimination against Moroccans, a conviction that Geert Wilders slammed as a "shameful" attack on free speech and an attempt to "neutralize" him. Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said the court wouldn't impose a sentence because... More »

2 Shot Dead Outside Texas 'Draw Muhammad' Event

Suspects opened fire in parking lot, were killed by police

(Newser) - Police shot two suspects dead after they allegedly opened fire outside a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, yesterday evening. The suspects were shot in the parking lot of the Curtis Culwell Center after getting out of their vehicle around the time that the controversial event inside was scheduled to... More »

Dutch Government Falls in Austerity Crisis

PM Mark Rutte gives bad news to the queen

(Newser) - The Dutch government, one of the most vocal critics of European countries failing to rein in their budgets, quit today after failing to agree on a plan to bring its own deficit in line with EU rules. Prime Minister Mark Rutte tendered the resignation of his entire Cabinet to Queen... More »

Pol Who Called Islam Fascist Acquitted of Hate Charges

Geert Wilders calls verdict 'victory for freedom of expression'

(Newser) - A right-wing politician in the Netherlands who called Islam "fascist" and compared the Koran to Mein Kampf has been acquitted of inciting hatred against Muslims, reports the BBC . "It's not only an acquittal for me, but a victory for freedom of expression in the Netherlands," said... More »

Dutch Close to Burka Ban in Right-Wing Party Deal

Immigration would also be cut in half in coalition government pact

(Newser) - The usually über-tolerant Dutch will likely soon make the Netherlands the latest European nation to ban the burka. The ban—as well as a deal to cut immigration in half—is part of a pact to form a new minority coalition government that will include the right-wing Party for... More »

Far-Right Triumph In Dutch Polls

Geert Wilders on course to win power in the Netherlands

(Newser) - Anti-immigration, anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is on course to become Holland's next prime minister after his party's unexpectedly strong showing in municipal elections this week. The Freedom Party only chose to compete in two cities and came in first in Almere and a close second in the Hague. Many now... More »

27 Nations Vote in Massive EU Election

Across continent, angry voters set to punish ruling parties

(Newser) - Citizens of 27 nations begin voting today for elections to the European Parliament, and across the continent voters are expected to punish ruling parties and encourage the opposition, including the extreme right. From Ireland to France to Hungary, governments are braced for a protest vote spurred by the economic meltdown,... More »

Hard-Right Dutch Pol Barred From UK

He's turned back at Heathrow on trip to show anti-Koran film

(Newser) - Ultra-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, whose short film attacking the Koran caused an uproar last year, was refused entry to Britain yesterday, reports the Guardian. The member of Parliament was flying to London to show his controversial film when the home secretary sent him a letter saying his presence in... More »

Saudi Trashes Bible in Reply to Dutch Pol's Film

'Schism' echoes premise of Wilders' anti-Islam 'Fitna'

(Newser) - A Saudi Arabian blogger has released his response to the anti-Islamic film Fitna, attacking the Bible in Schism much as the Dutch effort savaged the Koran, Der Spiegel reports. “Schism” places images of war alongside the Bible. “It is easy to take parts of any Holy (sic) book... More »

Dutch Pol Posts Anti-Islam Film Online

Controversial movie slams Koran as 'fascist text'

(Newser) - A controversial anti-Islamic movie interweaving graphic images of 9/11, a beheading and protests by extremists has been posted on a maverick internet site by the leader of a far-right Dutch political party. Dutch television refused to broadcast the 17-minute movie, Fitna, which has been slammed as anti-Muslim propaganda. It ends... More »

Host Blocks Anti-Koran Film's Website

US provider says flick may violate policy; filmmaker unfazed

(Newser) - Amid public outrage, a right-wing Dutch lawmaker has run into a new problem in his relentless quest to market his anti-Koran film: His US-based network provider has suspended service, AP reports. Network Solutions pulled the plug on Geert Wilders, who insists his 15-minute film will expose Islam's holy book as... More »

Afghans Protest Cartoons, Film

Angry crowds chant death to Danish, Dutch

(Newser) - Thousands of Afghan protesters burned Dutch and Danish flags yesterday in a protest against a Danish cartoon and a Dutch film said to insult Islam. They called for the Dutch and Danish embassies to be closed and for their troops serving with NATO in the country to be expelled, Reuters... More »

Dutch Pol Makes Waves With Unseen Film

Western, Islamic officials fear violence over anti-Koran piece

(Newser) - An unruly Dutch politician for months has had civil and religious leaders in a tizzy over a movie no one has seen—and which might not even exist, Der Spiegel reports. But by the end of March, provocateur Geert Wilders says he intends to release a movie exposing “the... More »

Iran Asks Dutch Gov't to Ban Anti-Islam Film

Right-wing pol's movie shows Koran as inspiration for murder

(Newser) - Upset by a right-wing Dutch politician's movie, which portrays the Koran as an inspiration for murder, Iran’s justice minister is asking the Dutch government to ban the film, the BBC reports. The minister called the film, by parliament member Geert Wilders, an unnecessary attack on Islam’s holiest object.... More »

Dutch Brace for Terror Before Koran Shredding

Right-wing pol vows to air anti-Muslim film

(Newser) - The Dutch government expects violent protests in response to an anti-Muslim film—said to include images of the Koran being shredded—that a right-wing lawmaker has vowed to make public this month. Geert Wilders, one of nine members of an extremist party in the Dutch lower house, aims to expose... More »

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