'Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired'

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Polanski Victim Signs Book Deal

Samantha Geimer aims to 'reclaim identity'

(Newser) - The 13-year-old girl Roman Polanski had sex with is writing a book—35 years after the day that made the film director an international fugitive. The Girl: Emerging From the Shadow of Roman Polanski, by Samantha Geimer, will be published late next year by Atria Books, reports CNN . “I... More »

Polanski Wins Berlin Film Award

Gets Best Director nod for Ghost Writer

(Newser) - Roman Polanski may be stuck in a Swiss chalet under house arrest, but his latest film is packing movie houses and just won him a Best Director award at the Berlin International Film Festival. The Ghost Writer, a thriller starring Ian McGregor, is the story of an author who’s... More »

Cokie: 'Take Polanski Out and Shoot Him'

He 'drugged and raped a child,' says journalist

(Newser) - It wasn't hard to figure out yesterday where journalist Cokie Roberts stands on the Roman Polanski case. "As far as I'm concerned, just take him out and shoot him," she declared on ABC's This Week. "Roman Polanski is a criminal. He raped and drugged and sodomized a... More »

Prosecutor: I Lied in Polanksi Film About Misconduct

Wells now denies coaching judge on how to send director to jail

(Newser) - A retired Los Angeles County prosecutor who told the creators of a documentary that he coached a judge on how to send Roman Polanski to prison despite a plea bargain now says he lied. David Wells—whose claims in Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired sparked accusations of misconduct and were... More »

Polanski Victim: 'I'm Over It'

Mom of three is sick and tired of sordid case

(Newser) - The woman Roman Polanski had sex with when she was 13 never wants to hear about the case again. "I have survived, indeed prevailed, against whatever harm Mr. Polanski may have caused me as a child," Samantha Geimer, 45, said early this year after filing court papers to... More »

Polanski Judge Wise to Resist Whitewashing

Director's bias skews media narrative

(Newser) - The judge who refused to throw out Roman Polanski's rape conviction Tuesday—unless he agreed to come back to the country to challenge it in person—was right to resist the whitewashing of Polanski's crime, writes Bill Wyman in Salon. The movement to rehabilitate the acclaimed director was based on... More »

Judge Rejects Polanski's Bid to Ax Sex Charge

Fugitive director must appear to close case on sex with 13-year-old

(Newser) - A judge has cited Roman Polanski’s fugitive status as reason for rejecting the film director’s request to toss a 31-year-old child sex charge, E! Online reports. The judge conceded that a recent documentary on Polanski seems to demonstrate misconduct by prosecutors in the 1978 proceedings, but said the... More »

Polanski Sex Victim 'So Over It'

Girl he drugged and raped, now 45, would like to see fugitive's case resolved

(Newser) - Fugitive director Roman Polanski would be a free man in the US if it were up to the woman he drugged and had sex with when she was 13 years old. "He took advantage of me," Samantha Geimer, now 45 and mother of three told the Daily News.... More »

Dutch Brace for Terror Before Koran Shredding

Right-wing pol vows to air anti-Muslim film

(Newser) - The Dutch government expects violent protests in response to an anti-Muslim film—said to include images of the Koran being shredded—that a right-wing lawmaker has vowed to make public this month. Geert Wilders, one of nine members of an extremist party in the Dutch lower house, aims to expose... More »

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