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Get Ready for Sarah Palin's Rogue TV

New channel to offer 'video version of her Facebook page'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin fans could soon be seeing a lot more of the former governor—if they're willing to pay $10 a month. "Rogue TV" is the tentative name for Palin's upcoming network, which will be offered starting in April or May through subscription digital video service Tapp.... More »

Analog Service Hanging Up on Customers

Digital networks soon only option, but service has its kinks

(Newser) - Phone customers still dialing up using old analog networks will be out of luck—and service—beginning Feb. 18 when the nation’s wireless companies shut down the outdated technology and switch to digital. Of the quarter-billion American cell phone users, the vast majority use digital networks, but some 1... More »

2 Stories