British Antarctic Survey

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Antarctica Sex Offender Gets 3-Year Sentence

Lab manager plotted to abuse girl in UK, police say

(Newser) - A laboratory manager for the British Antarctic Survey is going to be remembered not for his scientific achievements, but as the world's southernmost pedophile. Police in Britain say Simon Rouen, 36, exchanged emails with undercover officers in the UK while working at an Antarctic research station and expressed a... More »

Explorers to Probe Antarctic's Buried Mountains

Scientists stumped by mysterious range as large as the Alps

(Newser) - A unique expedition will explore a mysterious mountain range buried deep within the Antarctic, reports the BBC. Scientists, engineers, and pilots from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, China, and Japan will use ice-penetrating radar and other high tech equipment in a bid to determine how the Gamburtsev mountains—equal in... More »

Ancient Antarctic Volcano May Be Linked to Warming

Scientists make 'unique' discovery beneath continent's massive ice sheets

(Newser) - The discovery of what scientists are hailing as the first evidence of a volcanic eruption under Antarctica’s massive ice sheet may be linked to climate change, the BBC reports. British researchers, who discovered evidence of a volcano by analyzing radar data from an air survey, believe the eruption likely... More »

3 Stories