Florida primary

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Florida Gov's Race Just Hit New Racist Low

Anti-Gillum robocall backed by white supremacist group features jungle music, talk of mud huts

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis swears he meant nothing racist by his "monkey this up" comment, but a new robocall in the Florida gubernatorial race definitely did: Set to the background of jungle music and screeching monkeys, the New York Times reports that the minute-long audio clip begins with a man saying,... More »

He Told Florida Not to 'Monkey This Up.' Here's the Aftermath

Ron DeSantis accused of racism, as rival Democratic Andrew Gillum is black

(Newser) - For the very early part of the morning, the headlines focused on the possibility that Florida could get its first black governor thanks to Tuesday's primary results; for the latter part of Wednesday, they focused on three words Andrew Gillum's Republican opponent had to say. In an interview... More »

This Is Florida's First Black Nominee for Governor

Plus more results from Tuesday's primary elections

(Newser) - Andrew Gillum pulled off an upset victory in Florida on Tuesday to become the state's first black nominee for governor, the AP reports. The Bernie Sanders-backed liberal Democrat, currently the mayor of Tallahassee, will run against President Trump-endorsed Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis, Fox News reports, results that the AP... More »

Vanquished at Home, Marco Rubio Drops Out

Humiliating defeat seals the deal for Florida senator

(Newser) - Reeling from a decisive loss to Donald Trump in his home state of Florida , Marco Rubio suspended his campaign for the presidency Tuesday evening—sounding an upbeat note, while firmly poking Trump and negative tactics in the eye, reports the AP . Rubio told a crowd in Miami that he knows... More »

Rubio Is Cool With Supporters Voting for Kasich in Ohio

The Kasich campaign responds with a pretty sick burn

(Newser) - The Marco Rubio campaign is telling its supporters to vote for John Kasich in Ohio in an effort to keep Donald Trump from securing the nomination. “John Kasich is the one candidate in Ohio that can beat Donald Trump—that’s stating the obvious, that is indisputable," the... More »

Mitt Still Faces Long Slog

Super PAC cash set to keep rivals going

(Newser) - Mitt Romney won huge in Florida , but this race isn't over yet. Here's what the pundits are taking away from this one:
  • Romney has a much tougher fight ahead than John McCain did at this stage in 2008, analysts tell the LA Times . The reason: super PACs.
... More »

Santorum: Newt Blew His Chance

I'm the real Romney alternative, he says

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich had a chance to become the clear alternative to Mitt Romney but he blew it by losing Florida, Rick Santorum says. "Gingrich has a big boost out of South Carolina and couldn't hold it, couldn't deliver in Florida," Santorum told CNN . I think they'... More »

Newt Who? Romney Speech Is All About Obama

Gingrich says he's not going anywhere

(Newser) - In his victory speech tonight, Mitt Romney barely mentioned his Republican rivals—maybe worse for Newt Gingrich and company, he gave them faint praise as "able competitors"—and instead focused his attention on President Obama and the general election. "Mr. President, you were elected to lead, you... More »

No Contest: Romney Wins Florida

He rolls to easy victory over Newt Gingrich

(Newser) - The big news organizations couldn't call this one fast enough. The moment the last of the Florida polls closed at 8pm, AP , CNN , and all the usual suspects declared Mitt Romney the winner. It wasn't tough: With all precincts reporting, Romney had 46.4%, Newt Gingrich 31.9%,... More »

Gingrich Expects to Lose in Nevada, Michigan

Campaign dials back expectations, sets sights on caucus states

(Newser) - It doesn't look like Newt Gingrich will win in Florida today, and his campaign doesn't think he'll win the next contest either. A campaign spokesman tried to dial back expectations today, telling CNN that Gingrich wasn't expecting much from Nevada—which holds its caucuses five days... More »

Romney Poised for Decisive Victory

Florida primary polls looking good for Mitt, but there are subplots

(Newser) - Voters will be casting ballots in Florida today, and if polls are any indication, they'll be voting for Mitt Romney. But as always, there are other subplots to watch, too. Here's a rundown of what the pundits are saying:
  • Based on dozens of polls, Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight
... More »

Mitt Sings 'America,' and It Ain't Beautiful

The crooner-in-chief contest might be over

(Newser) - If President Obama absolutely killed Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," Mitt Romney has apparently responded by just plain murdering a patriotic standard. The Republican candidate was caught on camera last night at a Florida campaign rally warbling "America the Beautiful," which the Washington Post... More »

Newt Slams Obama, Mitt on 'Anti-Religious Policies'

Obama has declared 'war on Christianity,' he says

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich's latest campaign pledge is to overturn all "anti-religious" policies on his first day in office. On the campaign trail in Florida yesterday, the candidate—a prominent opponent of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque—portrayed himself as the candidate of religious freedom, the Wall Street Journal reports.... More »

Republicans Love Food Network, Weather Channel

Or at least, that's where GOP ad dollars are going

(Newser) - Apparently, Republicans love watching the weather. Campaigns are becoming much more sophisticated about where they spend their ad dollars, the New York Times reports, leading to buys in such unlikely places as the Food Network, Weather Channel, HGTV, and the History Channel. Studies suggest all of those networks have pretty... More »

Florida Winner Must Appeal to '5 States'

Florida primary a 'microcosm' of US politics: experts

(Newser) - All eyes will settle on Florida tomorrow as the Republican candidates battle to win the state—or, quips Politico , the "five states of Florida." The state is so diverse in its positions that "it's as good a microcosm of the country as you’re gonna find... More »

Newt Labels Mitt 'Wall St. Elite'

Big banks financing attack ad 'carpet-bombing,' he says

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich tried to cut into Mitt Romney's lead yesterday with a furious attack on his rival—and the "Wall Street elite." Speaking to Bloomberg , Gingrich accused Romney of being a "fundamentally dishonest" tool of the big banks and promised to run a White House that... More »

Jeb Bush Staying Silent in Fla.

Rubio also neutral as GOP focuses on state

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has been racking up endorsements in Florida but the state's two most prominent Republicans are staying silent. Sen. Marco Rubio says he won't be endorsing a candidate and Jeb Bush has failed to join the party establishment in backing Mitt Romney against Newt Gingrich. Romney has... More »

Now All the Polls Love Mitt

Tally of polling data gives Romney 9% lead in Florida: Nate Silver

(Newser) - Not only does a recent Quinnipiac Poll give Mitt Romney the lead in the Florida primary. There are also automated polls, check-box polls, house-call polls, mouse-click polls, partisan polls, academic polls... Nate Silver has added them up in the New York Times and tallied a 9-point overall lead for Romney... More »

Romney's Plan: Make Newt Mad

Mitt went on the offensive after loss in South Carolina, devastating Gingrich

(Newser) - After getting his hat handed to him in South Carolina , Mitt Romney did not tuck tail and wait to see if Florida would continue the GOP's dalliance with Newt Gingrich or finally cement him as the "inevitable" candidate. Rather, the New York Times reports that he turned to... More »

Trump: Don't Make Me Run

Hopes he doesn't have to, but would 'after the show ends'

(Newser) - Donald Trump is making noises about a run for the Oval Office again, today telling Face the Nation that "the right independent could win," and that "if I don't see a person that is going to win—that's tantamount—I would certainly think about doing... More »

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