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Twitter Complaint Prompts Elon Musk to Adopt Big Change

Tesla owners will face small fines if they leave cars parked at charging stations

(Newser) - Some owners of electric cars have made it a habit to use charging stations as parking spots well after their charge is complete, and other electric car drivers are getting sick of it. One took the problem straight to Tesla CEO Elon Musk last week when he tweeted to him,... More »

Nissan Reveals Mass-Market Electric Car

LEAF will compete with EVs from GM, Mitsubishi

(Newser) - Nissan yesterday unveiled its entry into the electric-vehicle market, the Los Angeles Times reports. The LEAF is a five-seat compact that gets a top speed of 90 mph out of its lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle can go about 100 miles on a full charge, an attribute Nissan hopes will convince... More »

Israel Revs Up Electric Cars

Endorses national initiative to switch to electric cars

(Newser) - Israel is taking the first steps toward getting drivers behind the electric wheel. The country today unveiled a joint project that calls for Renault-Nissan to build cars and a California startup to build the infrastructure. The electric cars are to hit the mass market by 2010 with half a million... More »

3 Stories