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Top Sundance Buzz Generators

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has two breakout films

(Newser) - With the Sundance Film Festival under way in Park City, Utah, the Daily Beast takes a look at the ones generating the loudest buzz:
  • Howl: James Franco turns in a Milk-caliber performance as counter-culture poet Allen Ginsberg as he faces obscenity charges in 1957.
  • Kristen Stewart: Gets well beyond Twilight
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Right Church, Wrong Pew

For 10 doubly stellar Oscar hopefuls, category was correct but film wasn't

(Newser) - Oscar nominees have often delivered more than one award-worthy performance in a single category in the same year. Sometimes, Tariq Khan tells the LA Times, the academy picks the wrong one. On the eve of this year's nominations, he lists his top 10 mistakes.
  1. Catherine Keener, Capote, Best Supporting Actress
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