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Someone Filmed a Fake Human Sacrifice at CERN

Esteemed Euro physics lab trying to figure out who staged creepy 'spoof'

(Newser) - "Prankster" may not be the first word that comes to mind when describing a scientist, but a group of them at Switzerland's European Organization for Nuclear Research (aka CERN) may have just elevated the term in an odd and creepy way. The Guardian reports the research organization is... More »

32 Teen Moms Rescued From Nigerian 'Baby Factory'

Babies sold for use in occult rituals or as slaves

(Newser) - Nigerian police have rescued 32 pregnant girls aged 15 to 17 from what they termed a “baby factory” in the southern city of Aba. Police allege that the women who went to the Cross Foundation clinic were forced to sell their babies for around $170 to $190. The hospital’... More »

Jared Loughner Has Skull, Creepy Shrine in Backyard

A pot, filled with shriveled oranges, houses a skull replica

(Newser) - As though Jared Lee Loughner didn’t already seem crazy enough, a strange shrine complete with a replica of a human skull has been found in his backyard. Inside a camouflage tent, Loughner has a small altar, atop which sits a pot filled with shriveled oranges, the skull replica, a... More »

My New Vid's Not Satanic: Jay-Z

Rapper, director deny On To The Next One contains occult images

(Newser) - With the conspiracy-theory corners of the Internet gnawing through the idea that Jay-Z’s latest video, for the single On To The Next One, is chock-full of Satanic imagery and the symbols of Freemasonry, the rapper and the vid’s director are laughing it all off. “That’s crazy... More »

Meet Lady Gaga, Puppet of the Occult

At least 10 signs show she's not what she seems

(Newser) - Lady Gaga: The next Madonna, or a “puppet of the Illuminati”? If you read the Vigilant Citizen blog, she’s the latter. LA Weekly boils down a three-part series analyzing Gaga to a helpful top 10 list of reasons the pop star is really a puppet of occult... More »

UK Psychics Foresee Trouble

Mediums fear EU rule could expose them to suits over poorly received advice

(Newser) - Britain’s mediums are consulting their crystal balls about a new EU law that might expose them to lawsuits, the Independent reports. A group of them marched up Downing Street today to deliver a 5,000-signature petition to No. 10, hoping to convince the government not to adopt the European... More »

Nigerian Prez Accuses VP of Death Threat

President's mind full of "cobwebs of juju," replies former #2

(Newser) - The president of Nigeria and his former vice president are locked in a jihad of words, after the latter allegedly consulted Islamic holy men about when the former would die, and assured other ministers the date was not far off. President Olesugun Obasanjo decried the treasonous consultation, but added that... More »

7 Stories