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Poisoned Spy on Deathbed: Putin Ordered My Murder

Litvinenko named Russian leader before death, public inquiry in Britain is told

(Newser) - Well, somebody put poison in Alexander Litvinenko's tea, and before he died, the former KGB agent told police in London that he had a pretty good idea who was behind it, reports the Guardian . And, yes, he named exactly who you think he named:
  • “Having knowledge of this
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KGB Radiation Poisoning Suspect Ready to Talk

Lugovoi offers to meet with UK investigators

(Newser) - A former KGB agent accused of poisoning a Russian dissident in England wants to clear his name, he tells the Times of London. Alexander Lugovoi has offered to send a friend to London to speak with investigators, and may travel to the UK himself if officials pledge not to arrest... More »

Murder Suspect Unrepentant in Moscow

Alleged radiation killer, safely out of UK reach, chats with Guardian

(Newser) - To Britain, he’s a wanted man, a murderer responsible for a diplomatic crisis. To Russia, he’s a respected, successful politician. So it was an unrepentant Andrei Lugovoi who sat down with the Guardian’s Luke Harding. The ex-KGB man insists he did not poison dissident Alexander Litvinenko by... More »

UK-Russia Relations Remain Frosty

Brown writes to congratulate Medvedev but offers no invite

(Newser) - As Gordon Brown extended only the most cursory congratulations to Dmitry Medvedev yesterday, the frozen diplomatic relations between Russia and Britain seem unlikely to thaw, reports the Times of London. The UK prime minister sent a letter rather than making the usual phone call to a president-elect, and he pointedly... More »

Poisoning Suspect Runs for Parliament to Dodge Jail

He could win immunity for radiation death

(Newser) - The Russian businessman accused of using radioactive polonium-210 to poison a critic of controversial President Vladimir Putin is trying to dodge prosecution by running for parliament, the London Times reports. The Kremlin has already refused to hand Andrei Lugovoi over to British officials, saying it would violate the Russian constitution.... More »

Brits Win Little EU Support For Russian Battle

Moscow weighs 'targeted' response in clash over spy murder

(Newser) - Britain turned to its European allies for support in its diplomatic battle with Russia over a sensational radiation murder in London, but the response has been tepid, the Guardian reports. Only the French expressed support yesterday, as Germany, with powerful economic ties to Russia, suggested that the UK had overreacted,... More »

Lugovoi Claims Brits Killed Litvinenko

Accused Russian says poisoned expat was a British agent killed by his handlers

(Newser) - The man Britain has charged with killing former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko says that British Intelligence is behind the poisoning. At a dramatic news conference yesterday, Andrei Lugovoi, also former KGB, claimed that Litvinenko was a British agent who was killed by his handlers. And he accused Boris Berezovsky, a... More »

UK Demands Extradition in Spy Poisoning

Moscow balks as focus of Litvinenko case turns to fellow ex-KGB agent

(Newser) - The poisoning death of spy-turned-dissident Alexander Litvinenko was the work of another ex-KGB operative, the British government says, and it wants the accused charged and extradited. But Moscow refuses to deliver him, the BBC reports, saying that would violate the Russian constitution. Litvinenko was a vocal critic of Vladimir Putin,... More »

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