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Deadly Kite Strings Slit Throats of 3

Delhi has now banned sale of glass-covered strings

(Newser) - A man and two children are dead in India after a kite flying tradition on Independence Day went horribly wrong. Two children, aged 3 and 4, had their throats slit by kite strings covered with powdered glass or metal—a coating used to cut down competitors' kites—while riding with... More »

Teen Killed in Argument —Over a Kite

He cut alleged murderer's kite string

(Newser) - A group of teenagers kicked and beat a 17-year-old to death after a kite-flying dispute on the rooftops of the Indian capital, police said today. Rajan Chand had been flying a kite in a northeast Delhi neighborhood Friday when he apparently angered another boy by snapping the line on his... More »

Kite Ship's Maiden Voyage a Success

Sails allowed cargo vessel to use 20% less fuel during trip

(Newser) - Environmental concerns might get shipping companies to go back to the future, reports, after a cargo vessel recently used 20% less fuel than normal on a 12,000-mile journey by a kite-like sail. The EU contributed $1.9 million to help rig the Beluga SkySails with the 1,... More »

Go Sail a Kite, Across the Ocean

Cargo ship hopes to cut fuel costs, emissions with old-fashioned power

(Newser) - A ship partially pulled by a huge kite is starting its journey across the Atlantic today. The cargo ship—sailing from Germany to Venezuela—will test a new strategy of cutting CO2 emissions from ships by equipping them with computer-controlled kites. At more than 1,700 square feet, the kite... More »

4 Stories