Guadalajara, Mexico

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Kids Missing Nearly 4 Years Found in Mexico

Father Kevin Maryk detained after raid in Guadalajara

(Newser) - Two Canadian kids missing for nearly 4 years were found living with their father in Mexico last week, the Winnipeg Free Press reports. On a tip, Interpol agents raided a house in Guadalajara and found Abby and Dominic Maryk, 8 and 10 respectively, living with father Kevin Maryk. The agents... More »

26 Bodies Dumped in Guadalajara

Mass killing believed to be revenge for Veracruz attack

(Newser) - Citizens of Mexico's second-largest city have been shaken by the country's second mass killing in the space of a few days. The bodies of 26 young men were found stuffed into three vehicles left in the center of Guadalajara yesterday. Most of them had died of asphyxia and... More »

Mexican Musicians Killed After Encore Refused

Grenade, bullets fly after bar owner pulls plug

(Newser) - Furious audience members killed two members of a band in Mexico after being told the music had to stop. The band—faced with demands for more from a group of drunk, aggressive audience members—had already played one encore at the Guadalajara bar before the owner pulled the plug long... More »

Mexican Soccer Player Uses Swine Flu to Taunt Foes

(Newser) - A Mexican soccer player apologized today for swine-flu-themed antics intended to put an opposing player off his game, the AP reports. Hector Reynoso, of Guadalajara club Chivas, coughed and spat at a member of a Chilean team during a high-profile Latin American tournament game. “I’ve cooled off now,... More »

Cousin Spots Wanted Marine in Mexico

DA seeks extradition, must forgo death penalty to gain cooperation

(Newser) - A Marine wanted for murder was spotted by his cousin near Guadalajara, Mexico, a week ago, CNN reports. Cpl. Cesar Laurean visited his cousin's liquor store and said he was "just passing by." The cousin says he didn't know about Laurean's legal troubles. Meanwhile, a North Carolina district... More »

5 Stories