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Hula-Hooping Comes Around as Workout Craze

Hooping burns as many calories as running

(Newser) - The hula-hoop is seeing a revival as a fitness tool, with out-of-shape Americans finding twirling a plastic tube a more enjoyable way to burn calories than running or weight-lifting. Companies like HoopGirl and Hoopnotica have seen sales of weighted hula-hoops and enrollment in hoop fitness classes surge. "I finally... More »

Seniors Running for Their Lives

Exercise extends life of older men

(Newser) - Older men who jog or walk briskly for 30 minutes several times a week die at half the rate in the same period as contemporaries who are not fit, according to a new study. The study monitored 15,000 veterans, aged 50 to 70, for more than seven years. Researchers... More »

2 Stories