Denver Zoo

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Cops: Drunk Woman Has Close Call in Zoo Pen

Taken to hospital 'extremely intoxicated'

(Newser) - A woman nearly got the shock of her life last night after wandering drunk into the elephant pen at the Denver Zoo. But rather than have a nasty encounter with the animals, she simply sat down ... next to electrical wires, police tweeted . Police responded to reports of an electrocution, but... More »

Plague Kills Monkey in Denver Zoo

Danger to humans from flea-borne disease deemed minimal

(Newser) - The bubonic plague has hit the Denver Zoo. An 8-year-old hooded capuchin monkey named Spanky was found dead last week, and postmortem tests confirmed that the cause was plague. The Denver Post reports that the monkey may have contracted the disease, which is usually spread by fleas, by eating the... More »

2 Stories