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Pilot in SF Crash Was Still Training

It was his first attempt to land 777 at SFO

(Newser) - The pilot in Saturday's plane crash in San Francisco was a veteran with almost 10,000 hours of flying experience—but just 43 of them were in a Boeing 777 and the disaster that killed two people and injured 182 others was his first attempt to land that type... More »

Air Canada Engine Parts Fall on Toronto Neighborhood

Boeing 777 makes emergency landing after engine dies after takeoff

(Newser) - Several cars were damaged but nobody was injured after parts believed to be from a broken Air Canada jet engine rained down on a Toronto suburb yesterday. The plane, a Boeing 777 bound for Japan with 318 passengers and 16 crew members, was forced to turn around and make an... More »

Coffee Blamed for United Emergency Landing

Pilot's spill triggered false hijacking alert

(Newser) - Despite triggering an emergency landing this week, it turns out there's no problem with the Boeing 777's communications equipment—unless you spill coffee on it. Investigators have determined that an United Airlines flight from Chicago to Frankfurt diverted to Toronto after a pilot's spilled coffee triggered an emergency hijacking alarm... More »

United Jet Makes Emergency Landing

Transatlantic flight diverts to Toronto after communications glitch

(Newser) - A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Frankfurt made an emergency landing in Toronto last night after its communication equipment malfunctioned. Airline officials say the Boeing 777 never lost contact with air traffic control, but the captain decided to divert to Toronto instead of attempting to cross the Atlantic, CNN... More »

Boeing Looks to Old 777 Model in Airbus Battle

Will re-tool tanker to compete for Pentagon refueling contract

(Newser) - With its 787 Dreamliner delayed, Boeing is turning to its 14-year-old 777 to compete with Airbus’ next plane, Bloomberg reports. At the Paris Air Show today, Boeing said it may make a new wing for the 777 in an effort to boost fuel efficiency, and will also showcase a 777-based... More »

Fuel Costs Ground Extended Flights

Too pricey to keep 'flying tankers' in the air

(Newser) - Super-long flights were hailed as the future of aviation only a few years ago, but the soaring price of fuel has grounded those plans, reports the Wall Street Journal. Airlines are delaying or canceling intercontinental routes as the cost of keeping "flying tankers" in the air for over 12... More »

Boeing 777 in Spotlight After London Crash

Popular passenger jets had piled up 3.5M hours without such an incident

(Newser) - British and American investigators are still piecing together flight data to determine why a Boeing 777's engines suddenly refused to increase power just short of landing, causing the plane to crash-land at London's Heathrow airport on Thursday. The unexplained crash has drawn worldwide puzzlement, as the popular passenger plane previously... More »

7 Stories