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10 Celebs Who've Had Weight Loss Surgery

One even had gastric bypass and a lap band

(Newser) - Not all celebrities lose weight by subsisting entirely on air and kale . Celebuzz rounds up 10 stars who've gone under the knife to shed some pounds:
  • Sharon Osbourne got lap-band surgery in 1999 and lost 125 pounds, but by 2006 she had gained back 65 pounds and said the
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40% of Gastric Band Patients Have Complications

But supporters say technique, product has improved in last decade

(Newser) - More negative news on gastric banding weight-loss surgery: A Belgian study suggests the bands are prone to nasty complications years after surgery. Almost 40% of patients had a major complication 12 years or more down the road, LiveScience reports. Infections and disintegration of the band were the main issues; 60%... More »

FDA Considers Lap-Band Surgery for the Less Obese

Proposal could double number of eligible Americans

(Newser) - Weight-loss surgery may soon become a lot more common, as the FDA considers a request to lower the weight threshold for Lap-Band patients. Allergan, the company that makes the band, wants to reduce the minimum BMI from 40 to 35, which could double the number of Americans eligible for the... More »

Teen Girls Drawn to Risky Weight-Loss Surgery

Gastric banding is popular—but not FDA-approved for youths

(Newser) - Teen girls are lining up for a weight-loss surgery known as gastric banding, prompting concerns from health experts who fear many may be sacrificing their well-being to look skinny, the Daily Beast reports. Banding is pitched as a safer, less invasive procedure than gastric bypass, and it's gaining popularity among... More »

Bypass Surgery Looks More and More Like Diabetes Cure

No one knows why, but docs are embracing bypass as a cure

(Newser) - Just why it works is still murky, but the connection between gastric bypass surgery and the reduction—or even elimination—of diabetes is so strong that some doctors are suggesting it as a treatment. “We may have a cure for diabetes,” one tells the Los Angeles Times. While... More »

Surgery Cuts Down Obesity Without a Knife

First-of-its-kind trial a success in Boston

(Newser) - A Boston hospital has successfully performed a first-of-its-kind obesity surgery that doesn’t require a scalpel. The promising treatment involves passing a tube through the patient’s throat, which bypasses the need to cut the patient—and reduces the risk of infections, bleeding, and scarring. “This is less invasive,... More »

Surgery Kicks Type 2 Diabetes Better Than Dieting: Study

73% remission rate for gastric bypass patients

(Newser) - Surgery is better than dieting and exercise to help people suffering from type 2 diabetes, according to a new study. Three of four patients—73%—who underwent "lap-banding" surgery lost 20% of their body weight and were in diabetic remission within two years, WebMD reports. That compares with a... More »

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