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GOP 'Slush Fund' Pays Trump's Ex-Bodyguard $15K a Month

RNC says it's for security services

(Newser) - One of President Trump's longest-serving and most loyal employees left the White House in September , and campaign finance groups are concerned about his new job: Advising the Republican National Committee for a hefty $15,000 a month. Keith Schiller, who was Trump's personal bodyguard for almost 20 years,... More »

Guitar, Pill Bottles, Blood: Pics From Cornell's Hotel Room

Police report includes photos, details of what bodyguard and emergency workers found

(Newser) - A guitar lying on a chair. A plane ticket in pieces. A bathroom floor stained with blood. These are just some of the images contained in a Detroit Police Department report regarding the May death of Chris Cornell, obtained from an FOIA request by the Detroit Free Press . The Press... More »

Korean President's Bodyguard Giving Internet Some Serious Feelings

He's got Twitter all twitterpated

(Newser) - New South Korean president Moon Jae-in was sworn in this week, but it was his bodyguard who—in the words of BuzzFeed —had the internet "feeling the thirrrrrst." Twitter users were quick to notice a handsome face hanging around in photos of the new president. "If... More »

Trump's Private Security Team Is 'Unprecedented'

He may bring some to White House, where experts worry it'll wreak havoc with Secret Service

(Newser) - Donald Trump says he's giving up his business , but he has no plans to give up his private security team when he enters the White House next month, reports Politico . Though he'll have the Secret Service at his disposal, Trump will keep at least part of his private... More »

Tom, Gisele's Bodyguards Jailed for Wedding Incident

They get 5 years for attempted murder

(Newser) - Two bodyguards who worked for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were sentenced to five years in prison for attempted murder over an incident during the couple's April 2009 wedding, Sky News reports. Miguel Solis and Alexander Rivas demanded two photographers in Costa Rica give up their camera memory cards;... More »

Bodyguard to the Stars Tased to Death

Norman Oosterbroek was allegedly naked, high, beating neighbor

(Newser) - Norman Oosterbroek has acted as bodyguard to Nelson Mandela, Jay Z, and Lady Gaga. The security firm he founded had a long list of famous clients, and he was known as one of the best in the business. But Florida police say that somehow the 43-year-old ended up naked and... More »

6 Celeb Secrets Spilled by Bodyguards

Guess who once passed out at the Playboy Mansion?

(Newser) - Who knows the uncensored truth about celebrities? As we've already learned , their hired help. Radar lists 11 bodyguards to the stars who have told all; here are six particularly juicy tidbits:
  • Jennifer Aniston loves to walk around half-naked, according to one ex-bodyguard. "When she answers the door in
... More »

Ex-Bodyguard Sues Bieber, Says Singer ... Punched Him

Moshe Benabou also wants $420K in overtime

(Newser) - Maybe he'll get a settlement, but we're guessing one of Justin Bieber's former bodyguards isn't going to benefit much in the street-cred department on this one: Moshe Benabou, a burly former Israeli soldier, says the skinny teenager roughed him up during an argument, reports AP . Benabou... More »

Seal: Heidi Had to 'Fornicate With the Help'

Singer slams his ex over relationship with bodyguard

(Newser) - Seal and Heidi Klum separated because of his unrelenting temper ... right? Not according to Seal, who claims Klum already had a thing going with her muscle-bound bodyguard. "I didn’t expect any better from him," says the British singer in a TMZ video . But "I would have... More »

How You Get to Be One of Gadhafi's Virgin Bodyguards

No sex, tough training

(Newser) - When it comes to protecting himself against allied attacks, Moammar Gadhafi is somewhat prepared. After all, he's spent decades grooming a highly skilled—and highly sexy—group of bodyguards. AOL News takes a look at the 40-or-so gun-toting virgins who surround him, decked out in camouflage, high heels, and designer... More »

Hitler's Bodyguard Gives Up on Fan Mail

93-year-old Rochus Misch says he can't keep up any more

(Newser) - Hitler's last surviving bodyguard says he's just too old to keep up with all the fan mail he receives. Rochus Misch, who is 93, says boxes of mail from admirers are piling up at his Berlin home—he's no longer able to do what he once did: send his fans... More »

Naked Britney Sexually Harassed Me: Bodyguard

You can't make this stuff up...or maybe you can

(Newser) - Britney Spears’ redemption must not be quite complete, because the singer apparently still enjoys running “round the house naked and yelling at staff,” as one source puts it. A former bodyguard claims Brit sexually harassed him, saying she came onto him multiple times…while nude…and that he,... More »

'Napoleon' Sarkozy Bans Tall Bodyguards

Inch-challenged prez 'doesn't want supermen' near

(Newser) - Tall people shouldn't bother applying to join Nicolas Sarkozy's security detail, a source in the French police says. Taller bodyguards have the advantage of being able to spot attackers in a crowd more easily, but "there's no point recruiting supermen" because the French president, who is notoriously sensitive about... More »

Police Gun Down Afghan Lawmaker

MP killed in gunfight between bodyguards, cops

(Newser) - A member of the Afghan parliament was mistakenly killed in an early morning shootout between his bodyguards and police officers today. Mohammad Yunos Shirnagha, a lawmaker from northern Baghlan province, was killed as he returned to his home in the provincial capital early this morning, the AP reports. More »

Silly Security Overkill Is Hurting Public Officials

Are our precautions doing more harm than good?

(Newser) - Sure, our public officials need protection—but things are getting out of hand, writes David Ignatius in the Washington Post. Since 9/11, “we have gotten so cranked up about security in the United States that senior officials travel in cocoons, as if they are under constant threat.” And... More »

Jon Resumes Dad Duty as Kate Buys Suburban DC Pad

Jon puts 'career' second to family

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin is back with his kids, and it’s Kate’s turn to go out gallivanting. She’s buying a condo in the Washington, DC, suburbs, Radar reports—with the bachelorette pad just a block away from the Maryland office of bodyguard—and rumored lover—Steve Neild. From their... More »

Buckingham Palace Guards 'Ran Porn, Poker Rings'

Accused palace Ponzi mastermind denounces colleagues' lax lifestyle

(Newser) - A royal bodyguard accused of running a multimillon dollar scam opened his defense yesterday by accusing his palace colleagues of running poker and porn enterprises, the Telegraph reports. Paul Page told the court that his fellow royal protection officers had an "easy life" and ran gambling operations and sold... More »

Death Threats Spook Chris Brown

(Newser) - Chris Brown has beefed up his security detail after receiving death threats over his alleged beating of ex Rihanna, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Insiders say Brown is surrounded at all times by three beefy bodyguards and three or four “incognito” protectors who are often women “easily as tough... More »

Fritzl Daughter Finds Love With Bodyguard

(Newser) - Elisabeth Fritzl has “renewed strength” after beginning a relationship with her bodyguard, the Telegraph reports. Fritzl, 42, was held captive in an Austrian cellar and raped by her father, Josef, for 24 years; she and her six children by her father are now under police protection. “They are... More »

Mugabe's Wife Pounds Photog

Brit learns hard way not to mess with first lady and her diamond-encrusted rings

(Newser) - The wife of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe attacked a photographer for the Times of London who caught her leaving a posh Hong Kong hotel, the newspaper reports. Grace Mugabe ordered her bodyguard to seize the shutterbug’s camera—and then joined in the fracas. The photographer suffered nine cuts, abrasions... More »

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