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Petco Drops Small-Animal Supplier After PETA Video

PETA went undercover, documented what it says is evidence of awful conditions

(Newser) - Petco, one of the biggest pet retailers in the country, severed its relationship with a Pennsylvania small-animal dealer amid a federal investigation into conditions at the facility where it keeps thousands of hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other species. Petco said in a statement Tuesday that Holmes Chinchilla Ranch and... More »

Secret Emails May Not Bode Well for GM

Auto-maker ordered 500K ignition switches but kept it private

(Newser) - Newly revealed emails show that GM ordered half a million replacement switches nearly two months before alerting authorities to the problem—which would balloon into an auto-safety crisis linked to 30 fatalities and involving 2.5 million recalled cars, the Wall Street Journal reports. The email exchanges, between a GM... More »

Auto Suppliers Seek Their Own Bailout

Trade groups warn industry could collapse from bottom up as Big 3 troubles filter down

(Newser) - The auto industry is warning that it could collapse from the bottom up if the government doesn't immediately assist America's car parts suppliers, the Washington Post reports. Suppliers are struggling to use their unpaid billings to troubled automakers—usually 45 to 60 days behind deliveries—as collateral for operating loans,... More »

'Sea Change' In Store for Retail

Shops to shut, brands to fold as bankruptcies soar

(Newser) - Shaken by a tough holiday season and bracing for more trouble, the retail scene may look very different in 2009, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some stores will be reducing inventory and cutting suppliers, which could force small manufacturers to fold. Retail bankruptcies could abound. "We will have a... More »

Wal-Mart Stores Going Green

Retail giant lays out energy saving initiative

(Newser) - Retail giant Wal-Mart has launched an ambitious blueprint to go green, with plans to cut energy use of many of its products by 25%, and may even begin to sell hybrid cars and provide sustainable energy to charge them, reports the New York Times. Wal-Mart has already sold 145 million... More »

5 Stories