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Iran Rejects Nuclear Incentives

Says proposal violates nation's rights; won't stop enrichment

(Newser) - Iran has rejected an international package of incentives to stop its nuclear enrichment program, and Tehran won’t accept any proposal of that kind, the foreign ministry said today. “Those incentives that violate the Iranian nation's right in any form will not be reviewed,” a spokesman said, referring... More »

Talks Don't Yield New Nuclear Offer for Iran

Security Council nations seek unified stance on Tehran

(Newser) - A meeting in Shanghai of permanent UN Security Council members and Germany failed to produce a new set of incentives to offer Iran for cessation of its nuclear activities, Reuters reports. "We can say we agreed on the main content of a plan to restart negotiations, but not all... More »

Britain to Pay Citizens to Lose Flab

Experts say if trends continue, most Brits will be obese by 2050

(Newser) - With British waistlines bulging and no end in sight for the obesity crisis, the government has come up with a plan: offer cash incentives to workers who slim down. Employers will host competitions, with prizes going to those who shed the most, the Daily Telegraph reports. The Well@Work plan includes... More »

3 Stories